Govts urged to seek policy input from the varsities’ researches to curb social disparity

JAMSHORO: Speakers at a two-day Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) 3rd International Conference on Engineering, Technologies, and Social Sciences (ICETSS-2017) concluded on Tuesday at Bangkok, Thailand, have highlighted the role of universities in the socio- economic development of a country, and have urged the relevant governments to seek recommendations from the varsities regarding policy-making in order to alleviate poverty, social injustices and cultural differences by trending societies to a healthier, vibrant and productive mode.

They said that the undeniable value of the research carried out at universities must be accorded due weight, importance and space in national as well as international policy frameworks so that the lives of common people become more comfortable, hassle-free and more enjoyable, adding that no nation could either survive or progress without using modern science, technology & research-based principles forwarded by the world higher education institutions.

This they said at the international conference that kicked off on Monday at Asian Institute of Technology Bangkok, Thailand. The two-day conference was organized by the Expert One Technology and Solution Summit (ETSS) Management, Malaysia in collaboration with the University of Sindh, Jamshoro, Pakistan and Al-Kitab University College Iraq under the theme of “Engineering, Technologies and the applications of Social Sciences that Drive our Future”.

Sindh University vice chancellor Prof. Dr. Fateh Muhammad Burfat who was also one of the keynote speakers said that the socio- economic development of a country would get great impetus and momentum when guided by research produced at the universities; stressing that research was the only reliable instrument to align human needs and aspirations to the body of knowledge and information necessitated by the march of times and changing patterns of life.

He said that the relevant governments must seek recommendations from the varsities before making any policies explaining that the novel ideas spawned by the varsities as a result of innovative endeavors must be applied by the states in order to make the planet happier and more peaceful.

Dr. Burfat also shed light on Science and Technology policy of Pakistan and the unchallengeable growing role of Social Sciences in 21st century. He touched on rising poverty indicators and the increasing menace of  terrorism and extremism in Pakistan and elsewhere, underlining the pivotal role universities cold play to combat the given evil.

“If there is no any impact of the research work of universities in their suburbs, it means these universities are not performing their duties in befitting manner; such institutions will have to change their old tradition of mere teaching and awarding degrees; there must be brought reforms”, he said.

He said no nation could thrive without the use of modern science and technology; therefore he said “we need to establish institutions like Asian institute of Technology, Thailand to move forward in the field of science and technology”.

He also elaborated the role of universities in the socio- economic development of a country and discussed the large scale impact of universities on communities.

Researchers and participants who attended the conference came from 20 different countries. After his speech Dr. Burfat guided the young researchers in the context of research and shared his vast experience of study and teaching methodology with them.

He also appreciated the management committee especially Prof. Asadullah Shah, Executive Chair, Dr. Sheroz Khan, Technical Chair, Dr. Faiz, General Chair, Dr. Yaqoob Koondhar, Secretary, Dr. Irfan Shaikh, Dr. Kamran Khowaja, Muhammad Kamran Joyo and Athar Ali of ICETSS-2017.

On the occasion SU vice chancellor invited Prof. Asadullah Shah to collaborate in research engagements with his varsity and also to organize an International Conference in University of Sindh, Pakistan.

Prof. Asadullah Shah thanked Dr. Burfat for joining the International Conference as a keynote speaker held at Thailand and co-partner of ICETSS-2017.

Prof. Shah also invited Prof Burfat, Vice Chancellor, University of Sindh, Jamshoro to the upcoming IEEE international conference scheduled to be held in Bahrain this same year.

It may be noted that it was a trend-setting conference, well-known as one of the most innovative meetings within the Engineering, Communication, Signal Processing, Networking, Control Systems and Broadcast Technology aspects. ICETSS 2017 is international event annually organized by Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

Among others, Prof. Dr. George Banky from Australia, Prof. Siriwan Suebnukarn from Thailand and Emeritus Prof. Dato Ir Dr Mashkuri Yaacob from Malaysia were also keynote speaker in the conference.

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