Recently-appointed SU lecturer crowned with Fulbright Scholarship award

JAMSHORO: Neelma Bhatti, a recently appointed lecturer at Institute of Information and Communication Technology, University of Sindh Jamshoro has been awarded Fulbright Scholarship to pursue her doctoral studies in the United States.

She will commence her courses at Blacks-burg Campus of the Virginia Tech University, USA on August 27 instant.31.07.17 Neelma Bhatti Scholarship.JPG

Bhatti had been serving as Teaching Assistant at Institute of Information and Communication Technology, University of Sindh for the past 5 years. She was recommended appointment as a lecturer by the varsity’s Selection Board and the recommendation was duly approved by SU Syndicate in the due course of time.

Neelma called on VC-SU Prof. Dr. Fateh Muhammad Burfat to break to him the happy tidings of her selection under Fulbright program. Dr Burfat, in his views expressed on the occasion said that Neelma’s selection in the given highly coveted international higher education program was an evidence of the University’s rigorous and most meritorious recruitment procedure.

Dr. Burfat added that University of Sindh believed in absolute merit as the only way forward to appoint teachers. He reiterated that all the appointments made through the recently-held Selection Board were transparent, merit-based and fair

Screening test conducted for appointments of lecturers, teaching assistants, 220 candidates compete for 9 vacancies


31.07.17 Lecturership Written TestJAMSHORO: A screening test to shortlist candidates for appointment to the 4 posts of lecturer 5 posts of Teaching Assistant across various departments/ institutes of the University was conducted by Sindh University Testing Centre at its main campus at Jamshoro. A total of 220 candidates appeared in the test; whereas, the results of the test were posted on the varsity’s official website one hour after the test time.

As per provided details, the number of candidates taking the test as ahead: For 2 posts of lecturer at Department of Islamic Culture for SU main campus 98, for 2 posts of lecturer at Department of Information Technology for SU Dadu campus 64, for 3 posts of Teaching Assistant in the Department Statistics for SU main campus 42 and for 2 posts of Teaching Assistant in the Department of International Relations for SU main campus 16.

Fool-proof efficient test taking arrangements were made at the Sindh University Testing Centre located inside Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science of the varsity.

VC-SU Prof. Dr. Fateh Muhammad Burfat review arrangements of the test and also inspected the ongoing examination in person. He appreciated the arrangements made and reaffirmed his resolve to select only and only the best candidates to take up to noble assignment of teaching at the university.

The results of the test were finalized and uploaded by SUTC at the university’s official website just an hour after the test time.

For results, please click the links below:

  1. Islamic-Culture
  2. IT-Dadu-campus
  3. TA-statistics

Untrained midwives termed major cause behind alarming rise in infant mortality rate: Research

31.07.17 PhD Final SeminarJAMSHORO: PhD scholar Syed Sada Hussain Shah of Department of Sociology, University of Sindh presented seminar to defend his doctoral thesis. The scholar had focused his study on the mortality rate in the context of social conditions of people in Hyderabad division.

The seminar was presided over by VC-SU Prof. Dr. Fateh Muhammad Burfat, Prof. Dr. Ghulam Muhammad Burfat, Chairman Department of Criminology, University of Karachi was the external expert for the evaluation of the seminar; whereas, Dr. Aijaz Ali Wassan was in attendance as Research Supervisor.

As per findings of the study Shah said that lack of attention, resource allocation and monetary funding the mortality rate in the given area was dismal. Shah cited un-trained health staff also as a cause behind this dilemma. The scholar also presented a detailed overview of the socio-economic conditions of women of the region and pointed towards unsatisfactory medical care available to them, which ultimately contributed negatively to the survival rate of the newly-born infants.

The expert and the president of the event declared the seminar successful.

SU to open on August 1

IELLJAMSHORO: The University of Sindh (SU) Jamshoro and its all campuses will open on August 1, 2017 after summer vacations are over.

According to the university spokesman, as per instructions of vice chancellor Prof. Dr. Fateh Muhammad Burfat, the classes will commence from very first day and the attendance of students would be ensured.

He said that the university under the vibrant leadership of Dr. Burfat was on the way of development and progress and a number of academic, research as well as infrastructural reforms had also been introduced on the campus.

The students have been advised to attend their classes from the very first day of opening of the university as the 75 percent attendance has been made mandatory for appearing in the examinations.


SU to automate fleet management to curb fuel theft

25.07.17 Deans Meeting01

Sindh University Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Fateh Muhammad Burfat is seen presiding over the meeting of Deans of various Faculties

JAMSHORO: In a move to eradicate corruption from its roots due to fuel overconsumption, the University of Sindh (SU) Jamshoro is going to opt automate fleet management system in a bid to save approximately Rs. 30 million a month.

Sindh University would become the first ever higher educational institution in Pakistan to introduce automate fleet management to halt fuel theft.

According to the details issued by varsity’s spokesperson in a press release, the agreement in this regard with a private company is to be signed by the end of this week. While briefing the executive officers headed by SU vice chancellor Prof. Dr. Fateh Muhammad Burfat, the Corporate Account Officer of the company Majid Khan said that a device would be plugged directly into the vehicles’ diagnostics port allowing user to monitor automobiles movement via a free, smartphone application.

“In addition to location monitoring, users receive driving alerts on their Application. With Automate, users can stay connected with their cars and other vehicles, no matter where they are”, he explained.

He said that their company automate was a ‘simple, plug & play device’ for electronic fuel injection (EFI) vehicles.

“We offer a cloud-based fleet management and tracking solution that is as cost-effective as well as powerful. Our pioneering web portal includes dual-mode tracking, multiple maps and other critical asset tracking and communication tools along with ultra modern features”, he added.

He said that Telenor Automate Network could capture, display, disseminate, and port data from every asset throughout the enterprise to the command and control center adding that their dual-mode Iridium & GSM devices could be customized for aviation, marine, and land/mobile customers to track and manage their assets in real-time.

He said that with this cutting-edge technology, Sindh University would be able to track, locate and verify the presence of their vehicles plying on various routes.

On the occasion, SU vice chancellor told that there were potential signs of misappropriation of Rs. 90,000 to 100,000 per day in terms of fuel abuse consumed through point buses and other official vehicles. He added that by adopting the proposed measure, SU was likely to economize Rs. 25 to 30 million per month.

He said that SU transport section would be enabled to monitor the location of point buses and other official vehicles, measure the distance of the different routes and keep an active eye on the transport, thereby tracing any possible fuel misuse.

“By this, the administration would also be able not only to effectively check and ensure proper running of transport system within and outside university jurisdiction, but it will also be able to secure its logistic assets and stop corruption which is a frequent possibility in the ongoing scenario”, said the vice chancellor.

Among others Registrar Dr. Muhammad Saleem Chandio, Director Finance Muhammad Mashooque Siddiqui, Dean Faculty of Natural Sciences Dr. Akhtar Hussain Mughal, Incharge Transport Engr. Sajjad Hussain Shah, Dr. Ameer Abro, Dr. Yaqoob Koondhar, Dr. Kamran Brohi and Dr. Fida Chandio were also present in the meeting.