Sindh University: as many as 59 faculty members, 21 officers received promotion orders

IMG_9460JAMSHORO: Promotion orders were given away to 59 faculty members & 21 officers of the University of Sindh Jamshoro in the next higher grades 18 to 21 at a ceremony organized at senate hall of the administration block here on Friday.

Chaired by Sindh University Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Abida Taherani, the ceremony was attended by deans of faculties and PVCs of various campuses of the varsity and the faculty members.

The promotion orders were given after the approval of university syndicate accorded in its meeting which held on Thursday at vice-chancellor’s office.

Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr. Abida Taheran gave away promotion orders to the newly promoted 33 professors which include Dr. Ayaz Keerio, Dr. Abdul Ghafoor Memon, Dr. Mujeeb-ur-Rehman Maree and Dr. Zain-ul-Abdin Khuhro of institute of mathematics & computer science, Dr. Muhammad Hassan Agheem of centre for IMG_9447pure & applied geology, Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Leghari and Dr. Hidayatullah Mahesar of department of physiology, Dr. Tahira Jabeen and Dr. Ayaz Hussain Qadri of department of zoology, Dr. Mukhtiar Ahmed Mahar and Dr. Khalid Hussain Lashari of the dept. of fresh water biology and fisheries, Dr. Misbah Bibi Qureshi of dept. of gender studies, Dr. Badaruddin Soomro of institute of media & communication studies, Dr. Farah Lalani, Dr. Naimatullah Shah, Dr. Sirajul Haque, Dr. Khalid Noor Panhwar and Dr. Aftab Ahmed Mangi of dept. of public administration, Dr. Rafique Ahmed Chandio and Dr. Ambreen Zaib Khaskheli of dept. of economics, Dr. Shahabuddin Mughal of Sindh Development Study Centre, Dr. Shamim Akhtar Soomro of dept. of social work, Dr. Javed Ahmed Chandio & Dr. Ashique Ali Jhatiyal of dept. of commerce, Dr. Imamuddin Khoso, Dr. Abdul Sattar Shah & Dr. Nizamuddin Channa of IBA, Dr. Arfana Begum Mallah of physical chemistry, Dr. IMG_9444Moina Akhtar Mughal of organic chemistry, Dr. Naseem Aslam Channa of biochemistry, Dr. Yasmeen Yousif and Dr. Kiran Sami of dept. of political science and Dr. Saima Shaikh of dept. of sociology.

Those 26 teachers who received the promotion orders of associate professor in grade 20 include Dr. Anila Naz Soomro, Dr. Muhammad Younis Leghari, Dr. Punhal Khan Lashari & Dr. Baradi Waryani of dept. of fresh water biology & fisheries, Dr. Mazhar Ali Abbasi of institute of physics, Dr. Muhammad Rafique Jat of dept. of biochemistry & genetic engineering, Dr. Jabbar Leghari of analytical chemistry, Dr. Shaista Bano of dept. of microbiology, Dr. Muhammad Ishaq Mirbahar of dept. of Sindhi, Dr. Faraz Bughio & Dr. Ambreen Shahriar of dept. of English, Dr. Bashir Ahmed Memon of institute of media & communication studies, Dr. Muhammad Sharif Abbasi of dept. of public administration, Dr. Ahmed Ali Brohi of dept. of IMG_9452sociology, Dr. Jamshed Adil Halepota of dept. of commerce, Dr. Farhat Naureen Memon, Dr. Qurat-ul-Ain Nizamani, Dr. Imtiaz Ali Korejo, Dr. Yasir Arfat Malkani, Dr. Fida Hussain Chandio & Dr. Hyder Ali Nizamani of institute of mathematics & computer science, Dr. Ghulam Zahra Memon of physical chemistry, Dr. Nusrat Naeem Memon of inorganic chemistry, Dr. Muhammad Akram Ansari of dept. of health & sports science, Dr. Sarwat Nizamani of dept. of computer science SU campus Mirpurkhas and Dr. Taj Muhammad Jahangir of institute of advanced research studies.

Similarly, an officer of grade 18 Muhammad Azam Roonjho has been given away the order of the next higher pay scale BPS-19. On the other hand, 20 officers of grade 17 were given the orders of next pay scale BPS-18 which include Syed Peeral Shah, Maryam Keerio, Ali Muhammad Bhanbhro, Attaullah Daudpoto, Abdul Khalique Rajar, Muhammad Yousif Daudpoto, Abdul Qadir Buledi, Khadim Hussain Larik, Zaheer Ahmed Qureshi, Abdul Aziz Rustamani, Muhammad Bux Leghari, Jamaluddin Bhatti, Ayaz Ali Mirza, IMG_9489Rafique Ali Brohi, Achar Khan Ahmedani, Sanaullah Lashari, Ziauddin Pathan, Muhammad Ali Khuwaja, Chandar Bhan Bhattia and Nasreen Aziz Pathan.

Addressing the ceremony, the vice-chancellor Dr. Abida Taherani congratulated the promoted faculty members and officers and said that organizing the ceremony was possible only by dint of hard work of entire administration.

She expressed hope that the faculty members got promotions will be working for the betterment of the university by promoting research culture on the campus adding that the doors of her office would be open for every researcher faculty member.

“Come up with new research proposals, lets promote our university in ranking’ yeah, we can do it with your support, I am here to provide you every kind of assistance”, said Dr. Taherani while addressing the newly promoted teachers in grade 20 & 21.IMG_9491

She said that it was impossible to develop & progress in the field of higher education without conducting a sizable research. Therefore, she said the teachers elevated on higher grades will have to come ahead to fulfill their responsibilities in this regard.

“Don’t put allegations, every faculty should pay attention towards research work”, the vice-chancellor maintained.

Dean faculty of pharmacy Dr. Abdullah Dayo criticized on those faculty members who are accustomed to write against their counterparts on the social media. He said writing against a teacher meant writing against the entire teachers’ community which could not be tolerated.

IMG_9497He said “the promotions of the teachers have taken place through a process therefore one has no right to raise ones finger at” adding that everybody ought to be friendly to others rather making rough comments against one another using social media.

“The people sitting out ridicule at us and give negative comments against the university and teachers, I cannot even repeat a single word uttered by them”, he said.

On the occasion, newly appointed professors & associate professors Dr. Arfana Mallah, Dr. Naimatullah Shah, Dr. Hyder Ali Nizamani, Dr. Imamuddin Khoso, Dr. Rafique Chandio, Dr. Faraz Bughio and Dr. Khalid Noor Panhwar also shared their perspectives and pledged to work hard in the better interest of the university.

Jamshoro gets the taste of traditional American music

IMG_9386JAMSHORO: The Kentucky Winders, one of America’s top bluegrass bands showed its live performance at Institute of Sindhology, University of Sindh and rocked the house. The live performance of the band fully amused the audience on the occasion.

Led by Nikos Pappas on fiddle, the band included Seth Folsom on banjo & guitar, Nick Lloyd on bass playing and Jesse Wells on guitar & banjo. By combining the rather old-fashioned bluegrass technique with a more contemporary appeal, these four talented musicians came together a couple of years ago to revive this forgotten genre of American music.

“Bluegrass comes from a hard place. It was originally played by people living in the mountains – people who were poor or those who worked hard for a living in America,” says guitarist Jesse Wells. “As far as our music goes globally, it’s been amazing being here at Institute of Sindhology, Jamshoro and playing music with the people and this is because our music comes from a deep emotional place in our lives.”IMG_9376

The band is optimistic about its role in mainstream music despite the difficulties folk musicians face as compared to pop artists. “There is a trend in the US, to go back to the roots whether its old blues music or bluegrass,” says Nikos Pappas, in regard to the current state of the music industry. “This applies to old instruments as well; it’s allowing lesser known folk musicians to enter the pop-cultural world.”

Adherence to the logic of commercialism and pop culture has affected the content songwriters are able to write. “It’s requires a very special skillset to write these songs,” he adds.

It may be noted that bluegrass is mixture of traditional English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh music, while African-American jazz also contributed greatly to its development.

A large number of teachers, students, and the officials of US Consulate in Karachi participated in the musical program.

IMG_9400Addressing the audience and talking to the newsmen, Mark Kendrick, Public Affairs Officer at the US Consulate in Karachi, said that love for music was something that united people across cultures and backgrounds.

“When we listen to each other’s music, we learn more about each other, and that is what our public diplomacy programs are all about”, he said.
Kendrick advised the participant students to work hard in order to get good future.

Earlier, US bluegrass band members met the vice-chancellor of Sindh University Prof. Dr. Abida Taherani and told her about their musical art.
Nikos Pappas on the occasion introduced his band members with Dr. Taherani too. Vice-chancellor presented a gift of traditional Sindhi Ajrak to the guests.

US consulate to conduct workshops to prepare SU students for scholarships

IMG_9227JAMSHORO: A delegation of US Consulate in Karachi headed by Saif Jiskani on Monday met Sindh University vice-chancellor Prof Dr. Abida Taherani and discussed about the study opportunities and scholarships being offered by USA for Pakistani students.

They vowed to conduct workshops and create awareness among the students on the campus in order to help prepare the students of Sindh University for Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) so as to provide them with opportunities to get maximum scholarships of studying in the United States of America.

The delegation consisted of Saif Jiskani, Sara Alam and Zehra Hajiyani who met Dr. Taherani at vice-chancellor’s office.

The meeting was aimed at strengthening the nexus of US Consulate and Sindh University and working together to prepare SU students for GRE and other competitive examinations which are taken to award the scholarships in the United States.

Vice-chancellor Dr. Abida Taherani on the occasion said that the US consulate had various educational and exchange programs but these were not promoted properly.

IMG_9221“The US Consulate should timely share the information of exchange and educational programs with us so that we may nominate the students and the young faculty for the trip”, she said while speaking with the delegation.

She said Sindh University would welcome the proposal of conducting seminars and workshops on the campus and it will ensure the participation of those students interested to go to USA for higher education qualifying the required examinations.

Saif Jiskani said that they will start conducting training workshops for GRE examinations from September or October to facilitate the students.

“We have some short-term opportunities for faculty members to send them to USA, we will send the information to Sindh University in October this year”, he said adding that the nominations in this regards may be sent to consulate so that they might go ahead with those cases.IMG_9223

Sara Alam said that the US consulate wanted to initiate some online seminars for the students of the varsity too, wherein the importance of democracy, legal system in USA and good governance will be discussed.

The vice-chancellor asked the delegation to come up with some practical schedule of organizing workshops at Sindh University in the next meeting.

SU VC gives away appointment orders to newly appointed PVCs

IMG_9251IMG_9248JAMSHORO: The newly appointed pro-vice chancellors of SU campuses Dadu & Larkana Dr. Anwar Ali Shah G. Syed and Dr. Noor Muhammad Jamali respectively met the vice-chancellor Prof. Dr. Abida Taherani at her office here on Monday, where she handed over the appointment orders to both of them.
The vice-chancellor on the occasion congratulated Dr. Anwar Shah G. Syed and Dr. Noor Muhammad Jamali for being appointed as PVCs. She directed them to utilize their energy to provide quality education to the students of their respective campuses.

Governor appoints two PVCs at SU campuses Dadu & Larkana

anweralishahbbJAMSHORO: Governor Sindh on Thursday has appointed two Pro-Vice Chancellors at Sindh University Campuses Dadu & Larkana.
According to details, Prof. Dr. Anwar Ali Shah G. Syed has been appointed pro-vice chancellor at SU campus Dadu for the period of 3 years. Similarly, the dean faculty of commerce & business administration University of Sindh Prof. Dr. Noor Muhammad Jamali has been appointed pro-vice chancellor at SU campus Larkana till the period of his retirement in 2017.
A notification in this regard has been issued by Governor Sindh Dr. Ishratul Ebad Khan.

Call for giving a positive recognition to research conducted in Pakistan, other developing countries at global level

IMG_9085JAMSHORO: Sindh University Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Abida Taherani has said that there is stern need that research conducted in developing countries including Pakistan, must be given a due positive recognition at global level, there should be some concrete efforts developing the theories which are universalized and acceptable with lesser resistance.

She said social sciences played a significant role in socio-economic development of any country and it was equally important for developing social norms as well as in reducing socio-economic inequality within the society adding that social science subjects taught and promoted humanity.

She said this while presenting her research paper titled ‘Modern trends in social sciences, special focus on Pakistan’ at the International Conference on Trends in Social Sciences & Humanities (TSSH-2015) held in Bali, Indonesia under the auspicious of Emirates Research Publishing (ERPUB) and Emirates Association of Arts and Management Professionals.

The key objective of International Conference on Trends in Social Sciences and Humanities (TSSH-2015) is to provide a platform to researchers, professionals, academicians as well as industrial professionals from all over the world to present their research results and development activities in Humanities and Social Sciences. The conference provided opportunities for the delegates to exchange new ideas and application experiences face to face, establish business or research relations and find global partners for future collaboration.

Vice-Chancellor Dr. Taherani said that there were many trends in social sciences. “New directions and dimensions are always desirable for sustainable developments; developing countries are different than developed countries. In developed world special attention is paid to Social Science subjects. Developing countries lesser amounts are reserved for developments of social science subjects”, said Dr. Taherani.

She said the subjects of social sciences were of subjectivity nature; therefore, trends did vary from one region to the other adding that ‘Pakistan is considered as developing country while social science field was considered lesser important than physical science subjects’.

“In my paper, attempt has been made to analyze the various trends with special focus on Pakistan”, the vice chancellor maintained.

She said “in the developing world including Pakistan the research which has lesser economic personal benefits is considered of no use. Engineering, medical, business and information technology subjects are considered as hot cakes than social science disciplines. Unfortunately, in developing world social status is attached with the fields and degrees”, she said adding that engineer or doctor is the symbol of status even though they are not as much profitable as some disciplines in social science.

Even at government levels the grants are granted on the basis of the immediate results of the projects and its wider immediate utility. As a result since last decade huge money was spent on the graduates opting for physical science subjects. Even this trend is found quite vivid in Pakistan where all emphasis is on practical research. As a result, social science could not get the much importance for developing theories at its own, Dr. Taherani said.

The researchers in Pakistan run behind the theories which are created and tested in Western countries. But the projects are started and executed in this part of world. As a result, the theories used in the projects do not necessarily support the main results of the projects. That is the main barrier expanding the fruits of research to wider community, she added.

Dr. Abida Taherani said that the utility and compability of the research in developing countries clearly varied as per prevalent socio-economic conditions and suitability of research activity. “Some research undertaken in these countries can be tackling pressing needs, while other research may not be doing so. Even though most of the developing countries depend on the global pool of the research but there is a dire need to conducting research keeping in mind the particular country needs”, she maintained. “Some socio-economic problems without any specific solutions are needed to be researched with local approach. There is also a need that social science research may be supported and its results are implemented to the local community level”, she said.

Director SU Area Study Centre Dr. Hamadullah Kakepoto also participated in the conference and presented his research paper on the occasion.

3rd HEC workshop for secretarial staff concludes at SU

IMG_8973JAMSHORO: The three-day indigenous on-campus training (IOT) workshop for secretarial staff on ‘management and communication skills’ at the University of Sindh concluded here on Wednesday.

The workshop was organised by the Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) and the Planning & Development Cell (P&D) of Sindh University (SU) under the aegis of the Higher Education Commission (HEC) Islamabad.

A total number of 35 employees from grade 7 to 14 were given an opportunity to attend the training workshop.

The coordinator of the workshop Dr. Shahzad Ahmed Memon said that the training workshop was imperative for the employees to learn new things.