Psycho physiological aspects of cancer highlighted at SU

IMG_5456JAMSHORO: The 14th Biennial International Conference of Pakistan Physiological Society titled ‘Physiology in Health Care’ organized by Department of Physiology, University of Sindh (SU) concluded here on Monday with the recommendations to highlight the burning issues of ‘psycho physiological aspects of cancer’ through various means including that of media.

The scholars said that the cancer was a chronic disease which needed to be diagnosed in time and a campaign ought to be launched on the campus in a bid to increase awareness amongst the students and the faculty members. They linked the life-style differences to cancer risk.

This they said at the concluding ceremony of the 3-day international conference which was organized under the auspicious of SU Department of Physiology in collaboration with Pakistan Physiology Society (PPS) on the campus. Chairman department of physiology Prof. Dr. Ali Muhammad Soomro presented the recommendations at the concluding ceremony.

According to recommendations, the consuming junk and low quality food, self-medication and excessive use of medicine, low water intake, obesity, diabetes, smoking, use of gutka and hypertension should be avoided to protect the people from cancer and kidney diseases.

“For this purpose, everyone should perform his role to launch a campaign to create awareness among the masses”, the recommendations said.

Earlier, Dr. Muhammad Siddique Kalhoro, the Pro-Vice-Chancellor of SU Laar campus Badin who presided over the concluding session of the conference on behalf of Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Abida Taherani highlighted the burning issues of ‘psycho physiological aspects of cancer’.

He insisted that the psychotherapy was need of the time to avert cancer disease adding that the counseling might be provided to Cancer patients.

“Owing to lack of counseling, care & support from the close relatives and family friends, the cancer patients are perceptually unwilling to get long term treatment i.e. Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy”. Dr. Kalhoro lamented.

He said: Socio-cultural factors which may play a contributing role in the aetiology of cancer have been extensively investigated and it is well established that the incidence rates of different forms and sites of the disease are not equally distributed throughout the population.

“Social class, occupational, environmental and ‘life-style’ differences, amongst others, have been found to be associated with an excess risk of cancer, although the argument concerning the relative importance of these various factors remains a controversial one. It seems increasingly clear however, that there are large behaviourial components which govern exposure to potential carcinogens and there is growing interest in the extent to which social and psychological demands may be associated with these agents or may operate as contributory factors in their own right”. Dr Kalhoro said.

The Pro-Vice Chancellor on the occasion appreciated the efforts taken by physiology department to conduct such a wonderful conference. He maintained that such conferences ought to be organized from time to time on the campus by almost all the departments of the varsity so that the awareness process may continuously benefit the scholars, students and teachers.

Dr. Abdul Rasool Abbasi, Dean Faculty of Natural Sciences said: first, the loss of, or lack of closeness or attachment to an important relation (often a parent) early in life, and second, the inability to express hostile feelings or more generally the abnormal release of emotion. Several psychos physiological mechanisms are reviewed which have attempted to account for the relationship between psychological disturbances and the onset of cancer, particularly the growing evidence which implicated a role for the immune system as a link between the central nervous system and disease processes.

He highlighted the importance of the lecture; saying that the information disseminated through the lecture will help patients to be aware of the treatment of cancer whereas the people will not look down upon them.

Call for employing trained physicians in hospitals to provide proper health facilities to the masses

IMG_5456JAMSHORO: The research scholars, doctors & health experts have said that the current system of providing proper health care needs to be revamped and trained physicians should be employed in all public and private hospitals in the country.

They said, around 20, 000 Pakistanis die of kidney failure every year as the chronic kidney disease (CKD) is rapidly growing in Pakistan due to late diagnosis, high volume of kidney stone disease and increasing number of patients with diabetes and high blood pressure. Around 600 million persons worldwide have some form of kidney damage. Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is predicted to increase by 17 percent over the next decade, is now recognized as global public health issue.

This information was given to the 14th Biennial International Conference of Pakistan Physiological Society titled ‘Physiology in Health Care’ held here on Saturday organized by the Department of Physiology, IMG_5457University of Sindh, Jamshoro which was chaired by Pro-Vice Chancellor of SU Laar campus Badin Prof. Dr. Muhammad Siddique Kalhoro on belhalf of Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Abida Taherani. Over 100 scholars and health experts presented their research papers about the topic and highlighted the importance of physiology in basic medical sciences.

During the deliberation, Chairman of Physiology Department Prof. Dr. Ali Muhammad Soomro said consuming junk and low quality food, self-medication and excessive use of medicine, low water intake, obesity, diabetes, hypertension and renal stones were a few causes of the kidney disease.

He said that the disease could also be inherited and stressed to know all the possible causes of kidney diseases, living a simple and active life and adopting preventive measures to avoid complications.

He further said that the best way to prevent kidney failure was early diagnosis of underlying disease and aggressive treatment.

IMG_5495Prof. H.R Amhed of Agha Khan University Karachi said that chronic kidney disease (CKD) was about the presence of kidney damage, or reduced functioning of kidneys, for a period of three months or more.

He said though symptoms of CKD often go undetected until later stages of the disease, some indicators may include: high blood pressure, puffiness of the eyes, hands and feet, differences in urination (passage of bloody, cloudy or tea colored urine; protein in urine; excessive foaming of urine; frequent passing of urine at night; passing less or difficulties passing urine), fatigue or difficulty concentrating, loss of appetite or weight and persistent generalized itching.
The Expert says there is no cure for CKD, but it is possible to prevent or delay disease progression through early detection, access to therapeutic intervention and lifestyle changes.
Prof Dr. Arif Siddiqui of Islamic International Medical College Rawalpindi said that patients with CKD could prevent or minimize the progression of the disease in early stages by taking a wellness approach to their health.

“Some factors that help to achieve physical, social and mental wellness in patients with kidney disease IMG_5483include: well-balanced diet with special attention to sodium, potassium, phosphorous, protein and fluid consumption, regular physical activity (45 to 60 minutes, four to five times a week), good blood pressure control (for those with high blood pressure) and good control of blood glucose (for those with diabetes), weight control and stopping smoking”, he said.

Dr. Sheilla Pinjani of Agha Khan University said the government must provide support to health care departments since they are the first place where a patient’s life can be saved. Upgrading medical centres will also reduce the state’s healthcare costs, she said.

She said emergency medicine was a new field in Pakistan. “The College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan (CPSP) had only recognised emergency medicine as a specialty for training in 2010.”

IMG_5479There are only four supervisors and around 16 field trainees in the country, Dr Pinjani said. “People who are least trained are running emergency departments in the country’s hospitals.” She said Aga Khan University Hospital Karachi was the only 2nd centre in Pakistan that offer field training.

Dr Muhammad Abdul Azeem of United Medical & Dental College Karachi said there was a need to bring emergency medicine to the forefront. His college supports emergency medicine training programmes and the organisation will help other hospitals and individuals trying to launch emergency medicine training, he added.

He said that neurophysiology provided understanding of the functions of nervous system and a base for the clinical and diagnostic approach towards neurological diseases.

The resolution of the conference will be passed today (Sunday).

Director QEC, Dean Graduate Studies removed

JAMSHORO: Sindh University authority has removed Director Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) Dr Azhar Ali Shah and Dean Graduate Studies Dr Saleha Parveen and appointed Dr Shahzad Memon and Dr Wazir Ali Baloch on above posts respectively.

According to a notification issued here by Registrar on Friday, Dr. Azhar Ali Shah and Dr Saleha Parveen have been removed from their posts with immediate effect while Dr Shahzad Memon and Dr Wazir Ali Baloch have been appointed on the vacant posts of Director QEC and Dean Graduate Studies respectively.

Dr Nek Muhammad Shaikh has been appointed as Director OIRAC. This post was lying vacant since some months. The notification said.

Fees to M.Phil, PhD scholars being returned under PM’s scheme

JAMSHORO: Sindh University’s Dean Graduate Studies has informed that the fees to the M.Phil & PhD scholars of 2012 & 2014 batches are being returned under Prime Minister’s fee reimbursement scheme.

The eligible scholars can collect their cheques from their respective departments and institutes.

According to statement, the scholars must bring student identity card and enrollment card in order to collect their cheques from the concerned departments.

List of Eligible candidates of 2012 & 2014 batch

Fee Re-imbursement 2014, 2012 

Instructions for collecting cheques and names of eligible scholars of M.S/ M.Phil & PhD, academic years 2012 & 2014 only

  1. Students are advised to collect their Fee re-reimbursement check from his/her esteemed Institute/Department.
  2. Requirement: Student Card, Enrollment Card, E-mail, Cell Number of the candidate.
S.No. Name Father Name Domicile CNIC No Program


Abdul Kareem Mubarak Halipoto Umerkot 4440193224669 M.Phil Arabic
Abdul Rahman Ghulam Qadir Palli Umerkot 4410724530323 M.Phil Arabic
Ghulam Qasim Muhammad Achar Khaskheli Larkana 4120456243125 M.Phil Art & Design
Hisamuddin Sikander Ali Mirani Sukkur 4550107927291 M.Phil Art & Design
Manzoor Ali Gul Hassan Solangi Larkana 4320758772921 M.Phil Art & Design
Muhammad Azam Ghulam Muhammad Bugti Khairpur Mirs 4520334881795 M.Phil Art & Design
Muhammad Hussain Muhammad Bachal Chandio Dadu 4130687080997 M.Phil Art & Design
Nadir Ali Muhammad Anwar Jamali Larkana 4320369164039 M.Phil Art & Design
Noor Hassan Muhammad Ramzan Jat Mirpurkhas 4410669333331 M.Phil Art & Design
Rabella Ayaz Alam Abro Jamshoro 4120499666226 M.Phil Art & Design
Safdar Ali Abdul Majeed Qureshi Larkana 4320356709101 M.Phil Art & Design
Sajida Parveen Faqeer Muhammad Mahar Shikarpur 4120419552830 M.Phil Art & Design
Sumiya Late  Ahmed Ali Abbasi Jamshoro 4120490215658 M.Phil Art & Design
Aasma Amanullah Amanullah Khoso Shaheed Benazirabad 4550151855658 M.Phil English Ling
Abdul Aziz Muhammad Alim  Kanhar Khairpur Mirs 4520423941133 M.Phil English Ling
Abdul Hameed Abdul Manan Kandhro Larkana 4120418854063 M.Phil English Ling
Ali Asadullah Pitafi Munawar Ali Khan Ghotki 3130478598881 M.Phil English Ling
Allah Dino Dhani Bux Gopang Shahdadkot 4320286725843 M.Phil English Ling
Bakhtawar Abdul Jaleel Abri Matiari 4130676870534 M.Phil English Ling
Bushra Manzoor Ahmed Jamshoro 4150406070304 M.Phil English Ling
Fareeda Hussain Bux Kapri Sanghar 4410137736854 M.Phil English Ling
Farhan  Ali Muhammad Illyas Soomro N/Feroze 4530216919761 M.Phil English Ling
HafeezurRehman Muhammad Bux Janwari Thatta 4140908905995 M.Phil English Ling
Parvaiz Azizullah Solangi Dadu 4120399192945 M.Phil English Ling
Kehar Khan Hingorjo Ali Muhammad Hingorjo Sanghar 4130685528103 M.Phil English Ling
Moomal Memon Imtiaz Ahmed Memon Tharparkar 4130643986966 M.Phil English Ling
Nadeem Ahmed Allah Dito Solangi N/Feroze 4130382358215 M.Phil English Ling
Rafiq Rahman Muhammad Panjal Dhanani Khairpur Mirs 4220166240177 M.Phil English Ling
Sadia Aftab Ahmed Aftab Ahmed Memon Khairpur Mirs 4120447351692 M.Phil English Ling
Saima Abdul Haque Jaffari Tando Allahyar 4130312375052 M.Phil English Ling
Sameena Ghulam Abbas Khokhar Larkana 4130678012308 M.Phil English Ling
Sania Sachal Muhammad Sachal Memon N/Feroze 4530172107204 M.Phil English Ling
Seema Sultana Wali Muhammad Bhatti Janwari Thatta 4130393463834 M.Phil English Ling
Shajee Muhammad Samee Shaheed Benazirabad 4540245630095 M.Phil English Ling
Sheeraz Ali Aijaz Ali Soomro Shikarpur 4330405949845 M.Phil English Ling
Shumaila Shahbaz Ansari Jamshoro 4150405864044 M.Phil English Ling
Sobia Kanwal Late Nizamuddin Dadu 4130671662398 M.Phil English Ling
Sumera Abdullah Bhatti Badin 4110328899956 M.Phil English Ling
Talha Abdul Rehman Memon Matiari 4180206153867 M.Phil English Ling
Tahreen Akhtar Abdul Waheed Sorahio Larkana 4320313728082 M.Phil English Ling
UmeeFarwa Munir Ahmed Thalho Larkana 4130685287560 M.Phil English Ling
UmeKulsoom Hamzo Khan Babar Dadu 4120234783676 M.Phil English Ling
Adnan Abdul Sattar Magsi Dadu 4120549075339 M.Phil English Lit.
Ali Raza Muhammad Saleh Soomro Thatta 4110320256651 M.Phil English Lit.
Assadullah Ahmed Khan Lashari. Dadu 4120265940977 M.Phil English Lit.
Atika Khalid Khalid Zafar Abro Matiari 4130153724594 M.Phil English Lit.
Dhanesh Kumar Raj Kumar Malhi Mirpurkhas 4410357536933 M.Phil English Lit.
Fiza Hassam Gul Hassan Rajper Khairpur Mirs 4520183693347 M.Phil English Lit.
Gain Chand Patiomal  Manghwar Umerkot 4410783332571 M.Phil English Lit.
Ghous Bakhsh Lal Bakhsh Jokhio Khairpur Mirs 4520267157893 M.Phil English Lit.
Ghulam Abbas Ali Muhammad Bajeer Umerkot 4410769824657 M.Phil English Lit.
Ghulam Sarwar Mohammad Hayat Lakho Shaheed Benazirabad 4220112475475 M.Phil English Lit.
Hamid Ali Kareem Bux Abbasi Sukkur 4550115857923 M.Phil English Lit.
Hina Abdul Razzak Mugheri Shahdadkot 4340605660186 M.Phil English Lit.
Hira Abdul Majeed Arain Mirpurkhas 4410382596208 M.Phil English Lit.
Hussain Ali Ali Nawaz Rind Sanghar 4420423930381 M.Phil English Lit.
Ishrat Niaz Hussain Ranjhani Badin 4130637941152 M.Phil English Lit.
Kashif Ali Muhammad Ali Gorar Dadu 4120507989579 M.Phil English Lit.
Mansoor Ahmed Masood Ahmed Memon N/Feroze 4230102733665 M.Phil English Lit.
Maria Munawar Abdul Qadir Abro Matiari 4130117650760 M.Phil English Lit.
Marvi Ali Akbar Chandio Shaheed Benazirabad 4540307725728 M.Phil English Lit.
Mehtab Gulshan Khaskheli Jamshoro 4420198204048 M.Phil English Lit.
Mukesh Kumar Sono Mal  Soothar Tando Allahyar 4130718974675 M.Phil English Lit.
Mumtaz Ali Bakhsh Ali Joyo N/Feroze 4530480306327 M.Phil English Lit.
Naseem Abdul Sattar  Depar Shahdadkot 4320758390136 M.Phil English Lit.
Nazeera Memon Shafi Muhammad Memon N/Feroze 4130666256346 M.Phil English Lit.
Niaz Ali Sahib Khan Depar Shahdadkot 4340703408087 M.Phil English Lit.
Nisar Ahmed Noor Muhammad Birahmani Jamshoro 4150603638831 M.Phil English Lit.
Noor Muhammad Muhammad Umar Kalhoro N/Feroze 4530425272175 M.Phil English Lit.
QuratulAin Sardar Ali Jat Mirpurkhas 4410114709566 M.Phil English Lit.
Rahim Dino Abdul Hakeem Soomro Shahdadkot 4420467349547 M.Phil English Lit.
Raja Masoud Ahmed Nazeer Ahmed Shaikh Dadu 4120551271771 M.Phil English Lit.
Ramesh Kumar Acho Mal Malhi Sanghar 4420235638297 M.Phil English Lit.
Saima Khuda Dino rajar Jamshoro 4150406231296 M.Phil English Lit.
Saira Gul Gul Muhammad Koondher N/Feroze 4130329940778 M.Phil English Lit.
Sanaullah Abdul Fatah Khan Khoso. Kashmore 4350403788399 M.Phil English Lit.
Shadab Fatima Niazamuddin Ahmed Pirzada Mirpurkhas 4410343934678 M.Phil English Lit.
Shaheen Akhtar Mian Muhammad Awan Thatta 4140932438520 M.Phil English Lit.
Shahjehan Khan Shahzado Khaskheli Dadu 4120589610067 M.Phil English Lit.
Shahnawaz Ameer Bux Magsi Badin 4110385302605 M.Phil English Lit.
Shamaila Muhammad Ibrahim Arain Sanghar 4420528842228 M.Phil English Lit.
Shuhabdin Bashir Ahmed  Shaikh Jamshoro 4150403918061 M.Phil English Lit.
Sitara Gul Gul Mohammad Koondhar N/Feroze 4130329978974 M.Phil English Lit.
Tabassum Gul S.Khuda Dino Shah Jamot Syed Matiari 4130555862390 M.Phil English Lit.
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Riaz Ahmed Ayaz Ali Shaikh Shikarpur 4330415018929 M.Phil English Lit.
Abdul Fatah Ghulam Murtaza Supro Shahdadkot 4320786518967 M.Phil Sindhi
Abdul Haleem Abdul Khalique Dars Sanghar 4420299434069 M.Phil Sindhi
Ali Arshad Ali Dost Chandio Shahdadkot 4320472611133 M.Phil Sindhi
Ali Bakhsh Hidayatullah Soomro Khairpur Mirs 4520830964509 M.Phil Sindhi
Ali Hyder Khuda Bux Chandio Shaheed Benazirabad 4540155076013 M.Phil Sindhi
Ali Muhammad Fakir Muhammad Baloch Mirpurkhas 4410390486805 M.Phil Sindhi
Amanullah Muhammad Ramzan Chandio Thatta 4140882993527 M.Phil Sindhi
Azfar Saeed Muhammad Ismail Memon N/Feroze 4530391317921 M.Phil Sindhi
Babar aLI Muhammad Ismail Memon N/Feroze 4530321367425 M.Phil Sindhi
Fakhrul Amin Shah Miral Shah Syed Tando M. Khan 4130827638905 M.Phil Sindhi
Farhana Feroz Khan Tando M. Khan 4130861035200 M.Phil Sindhi
Ghulam Hyder Muhammad Achar Chandio Shaheed Benazirabad 4540185336091 M.Phil Sindhi
Gulshan Ali Asghar Sangi Jamshoro 4120585651724 M.Phil Sindhi
HabiburRehman Lakhano Siyal Shaheed Benazirabad 4540270739325 M.Phil Sindhi
Imtiaz Ali Sandeelo Qurban Ali Sandeelo Larkana 4320186688995 M.Phil Sindhi
Izhar Ali Qureshi Makhdoom Bashir Ahmed Qureshi N/Feroze 4530351397261 M.Phil Sindhi
Khalid Hussain Muhammad Yousif Keerio N/Feroze 4540127733231 M.Phil Sindhi
Kousar Allah Dino Amur N/Feroze 4530203546376 M.Phil Sindhi
Muhammad Asif Salahuddin Memon Badin 4110142728531 M.Phil Sindhi
Muhammad Hashim Haji Gul Muhammad Soomro Shaheed Benazirabad 4320283449965 M.Phil Sindhi
Muhammad Ihsan Abdul  Karim Dhaunroo N/Feroze 4530169224517 M.Phil Sindhi
Nasreen Ali Muhammad Thebo Badin 4110122686798 M.Phil Sindhi
Naira Bashir Ahmed Matiari 4130589770330 M.Phil Sindhi
Nusrat Bano Ali Nawaz Talpur Badin 4110587021364 M.Phil Sindhi
Samreen Begum Muhammad Mithal Rind Khairpur Mirs 4520670133388 M.Phil Sindhi
Sarang Khan Lutufullah Phulpoto Khairpur Mirs 4520336685357 M.Phil Sindhi
Shabana Bhurgri Ghulam Rasool Bhurgri Jamshoro 4120424480338 M.Phil Sindhi
Shahjeha Akber Ghulam Akber Memon Jamshoro 4150404847426 M.Phil Sindhi
Zahid Ali Noor Ali Magsi Dadu 4120520761903 M.Phil Sindhi
Zeb Raheem Abdul Wahab  Kosondhar N/Feroze 4530290436539 M.Phil Sindhi
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Saima Dost Ali Umrani Matiari 4130130271918 M.Phil Sindhi
Abrar Ahmed Baig Asrar Ahmed Baig Sanghar 4420623676103 M.Phil Urdu
Ali Sher Ghuram Khan Shahdadkot 4340203460563 M.Phil Urdu
Khalid Khan Khair Jan Khan Umerkot 4410757761601 M.Phil Urdu
Mudassar Ahmed Khan Khursheed Alam Mirpurkhas 4410216658413 M.Phil Urdu
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Abdul Wahid Abdul Aziz Memon Larkana 4320181770863 M.Phil Education
Ali Nawaz Haji Khan Palli Dadu 4120110327345 M.Phil Education
Aurangzeb Shabir AhmedDayo Sukkur 4550428604457 M.Phil Education
Faheemuddin Nooruddin  Siddiqui Shikarpur 4330405772683 M.Phil Education
Ghulam Muhammad Dost Muhammad Waryah Sanghar 4420689619783 M.Phil Education
Gulnaz Fatima Shakhir Hussain Syed Badin 4110584494392 M.Phil Education
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Kirshan Jee Shive Lal Hindu Meghwar Ghotki 4510206171931 M.Phil Education
Mumtaz Ali Dost Muhammad Kolachi Mirpurkhas 4410305066189 M.Phil Education
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Ruqayya Bano Ghulam Hyder Kakepota Khairpur Mirs 4520304820496 M.Phil Education
Saira Muhammad Ibrahim  Soomro Sukkur 4130666854158 M.Phil Education
Shabana Naz Ishtiaque Ahmed Rajput Khairpur Mirs 4520515364338 M.Phil Education
Suresh Hansraj Soothar Tharparkar 4430363815057 M.Phil Education
Zamir Hussain Shah Deedar Ali Shah Syed Larkana 4320313756609 M.Phil Education
Tabassum Babibullah Saahar Jamshoro 4120569222990 M.Phil Education
Maimoona Haji Muhammad Lashari Tando Allahyar 4130715590972 M.Phil Education
Abdul Fatah Sain Dad Baladi Sanghar 4420428709239 M.Phil Islamic Culture
Abdul Jabbar Abdul Kareem Indhar Ghotki 4550166970247 M.Phil Islamic Culture
Abdul Majeed Mohammad Hussain Dars Sanghar 4420280113298 M.Phil Islamic Culture
Abdul Qayoom Abdullah Mahar Tharparkar 4430492612321 M.Phil Islamic Culture
Abdul Raheem Murad Ali Bhurgri Matiari 4120276878921 M.Phil Islamic Culture
Asadullah Attaullah Katpar Larkana 4220587074953 M.Phil Islamic Culture
Ashique Hussain Abdul Hanif Shaikh Khairpur Mirs 4130654073407 M.Phil Islamic Culture
AzizurRahman Abdul Rahman N/Feroze 4530280918561 M.Phil Islamic Culture
Barkat Ali Ghawar Khan Shahdadkot 4320281421645 M.Phil Islamic Culture
Bilal Ahmed Jawaid Ahmed Qasim Khani Mirpurkhas 4130326929981 M.Phil Islamic Culture
Fareeza Danish Bashir Ahmed Butt Mirpurkhas 4410303029194 M.Phil Islamic Culture
Fazalullah Haji Muhammad Salih Rustmani Jamshoro 4120416030457 M.Phil Islamic Culture
Firdous Maqbool Ahmed N/Feroze 4130362496768 M.Phil Islamic Culture
Fozia Khadim Hussain Bhatti N/Feroze 4530337632188 M.Phil Islamic Culture
Ghulam Ali Muhammad Sadique N/Feroze 4530164042419 M.Phil Islamic Culture
Imran Hyder Ghulam Hyder Sanghar 4420479338935 M.Phil Islamic Culture
Muhammad Hamadullah Nasarullah Memon Jamshoro 4130690956511 M.Phil Islamic Culture
Muhammad Ismail Ali Muhammad Bhatti N/Feroze 4530199021839 M.Phil Islamic Culture
Muhammad Mureed Muhammad Siddique Mangrio Umerkot 4410732349767 M.Phil Islamic Culture
Muhammad Tayyab Jan  Muhammad Qasim Jan Pathan Jamshoro 4120472271545 M.Phil Islamic Culture
Rashid Ahmed Abdul Karim Sanghar 4420428374921 M.Phil Islamic Culture
Riaz Hussain Muhammad Yousuf Sohu Larkana 4320705028367 M.Phil Islamic Culture
Riaz ALi Muhammad  Moosa Memon Jamshoro 4130594429807 M.Phil Islamic Culture
Safia Parveen Niaz Ali Sohoo Shahdadkot 4340305746350 M.Phil Islamic Culture
Sajid Ali Shah Hizbullah Shah Syed Shikarpur 4330287454139 M.Phil Islamic Culture
Sanam Jameel Ahmed Talpur Mirpurkhas 4410103313388 M.Phil Islamic Culture
Sibghatullah Haji Yar Muhammad Saddar Matiari 4130130864207 M.Phil Islamic Culture
Zakia Tasneem Abdul Hameed Ansari Shaheed Benazirabad 4540241984342 M.Phil Islamic Culture
Ameet Kumar Murli Dhar Dadu 4130634477263 M.Phil Pharmaceutics
Abdul Rasool Muhammad Murad Shaikh Khairpur Mirs 4220125476625 M.Phil Pharmaceutics
Aqeel Ahmed Ajaib Husian Awan Jamshoro 4150403526075 M.Phil Pharmaceutics
Azhar Hussain Abdul Rasheed Gaddi Pathan Mirpurkhas 4130309030565 M.Phil Pharmaceutics
Dileep Kumar Bhansidhar Brahman Tharparkar 4430313870209 M.Phil Pharmaceutics
Farman Ali Ghulam Akbar Bozdar Khairpur Mirs 4520638400523 M.Phil Pharmaceutics
Ghulam Ali Ali Gul Lakho Thatta 4130619364585 M.Phil Pharmaceutics
Ghulam Mustafa Allah Rakha Pathan Sanghar 4420580751235 M.Phil Pharmaceutics
Ghulam Murtaza Muhammad Idrees Jat Shaheed Benazirabad 4540297801591 M.Phil Pharmaceutics
Haji Qadir Bux Abdul Ghani Bhatti Shahdadkot 4130676551991 M.Phil Pharmaceutics
Ishfaque Nazeer Nazer Ahmed Umrani Shaheed Benazirabad 4540114320451 M.Phil Pharmaceutics
Jai Ram Kasro Kolhi Mirpurkhas 4410187862383 M.Phil Pharmaceutics
Jawad Ahmed Ghulam Muhammad Soomro Sukkur 4130682406949 M.Phil Pharmaceutics
Khuram Riaz Muhammad Riaz Gujar Sanghar 4420346228573 M.Phil Pharmaceutics
Khalid Hussain Abdul Ghafoor Panhwar Shahdadkot 4320210661757 M.Phil Pharmaceutics
Khurshid Abdul Rashid Shaikh Mirpurkhas 4410386005393 M.Phil Pharmaceutics
Madiha Gull Dr. M. Hanef Meo Rajput Mirpurkhas 4410369178376 M.Phil Pharmaceutics
Maha Raja Dahar Abdul Majeed  Sindhi Maree N/Feroze 4530135817709 M.Phil Pharmaceutics
Manzoor Ali Fazal Khan Bozdar Khairpur Mirs 4520515889367 M.Phil Pharmaceutics
Maria Qubtia Dr. Fateh Muhammad Yousfani Mirpurkhas 4130482179122 M.Phil Pharmaceutics
Muhammad Wasif Bari Abdul Sattar Bari Rajput Shaheed Benazirabad 3640230910567 M.Phil Pharmaceutics
Mushtaque Hussain Abdul Aziz Sargani N/Feroze 4530228752603 M.Phil Pharmaceutics
Naresh Kumar Ramchand Soothar Tharparkar 4430340777355 M.Phil Pharmaceutics
Omme Rabab Abdul Waheed Mew Mirpurkhas 4410362583068 M.Phil Pharmaceutics
QuratulAin Noor Nabi Ghaloo Dadu 4130448096236 M.Phil Pharmaceutics
Rafique Ahmed Hadi Bux Nindwani Jamshoro 5320185138377 M.Phil Pharmaceutics
Rafique Ahmed Rajpar Abdul Ghani Rajpar N/Feroze 4530503434517 M.Phil Pharmaceutics
Riaz Hussain Sahib Khan Laghari Badin 4110316416967 M.Phil Pharmaceutics
SaifulRehman Abdul Rehman Leghari Sanghar 4420365343245 M.Phil Pharmaceutics
Saima Atta Muhammad Samtio N/Feroze 4530297751112 M.Phil Pharmaceutics
Sajid Ali Ahmed Ali Memon Larkana 4320331118785 M.Phil Pharmaceutics
Samad Muhammad Yousif Keerio Badin 4110526447015 M.Phil Pharmaceutics
Sana Tarique Tarique Mehmood Arain Mirpurkhas 4130331480250 M.Phil Pharmaceutics
Saniya Begum Wali Bux Shaikh Jamshoro 4220432734498 M.Phil Pharmaceutics
Sheeraz Akhtar Aijaz Akhtar Memon Larkana 4130601223747 M.Phil Pharmaceutics
Shoaib Ahmed Aijaz Ali Lohar Khairpur Mirs 4520338409343 M.Phil Pharmaceutics
Syed Adeel Ahmed Shah Attaullah Syed Bukhari Khairpur Mirs 4520474631065 M.Phil Pharmaceutics
Tahseen Ahmed Illahi Bux Chano Sukkur 4550147634675 M.Phil Pharmaceutics
Toufeeque Ali Karamat  Ali Ghori Mirpurkhas 4410311803223 M.Phil Pharmaceutics
Wali Muhammad Bahadur Khan Panhwar Dadu 4120131427361 M.Phil Pharmaceutics
Zulqarnain Muneer Ahmed Panhwar Dadu 4120160059659 M.Phil Pharmaceutics
Altaf Ali Ghulam Mustafa Mangi Dadu 4120342189497 M.Phil Pharmaceutics
Fozia Haji Ghulam M. Rustamani Shaheed Benazirabad 4130327665938 M.Phil Pharmaceutics
Abdul Samad Khalique Rehman Soomro Larkana 4320515123123 M.Phil Business Administration
Abdul Haseeb Akramullah Soomro Khairpur Mirs 4120486424043 M.Phil Business Administration
Afaque Ahmed Abdul Aleem Memon N/Feroze 4130353153877 M.Phil Business Administration
Ameer Jan Abdul Kareem Dahani Jamshoro 4120439189715 M.Phil Business Administration
Ayaz Ahmed Mohammad Juman Khoso Larkana 4320737926929 M.Phil Business Administration
Ayaz Ali Niaz Ali Jagirani Shikarpur 4330361044681 M.Phil Business Administration
Bisharat Ali Ghulam Hyder Kunbhar Larkana 4330164286177 M.Phil Business Administration
Bisharat Ali Habibullah Pirzada Shaheed Benazirabad 4540209705967 M.Phil Business Administration
Erum Dr. Ghulam Shabeer Shaikh Dadu 4130611920848 M.Phil Business Administration
Faheem Ahmed Mohamad Najeeb Shaikh Jamshoro 4130632868977 M.Phil Business Administration
Farah Naz Ghulam Anwar Shikarpur 4330147933978 M.Phil Business Administration
Ghulam Ali Peeral Khan Macchi Larkana 4320311106809 M.Phil Business Administration
Hafiza Shahbaz Ansari Jamshoro 4150405690704 M.Phil Business Administration
Haroon Muhammad Bakari Badin 4110131981583 M.Phil Business Administration
Haseebullah Ali Ahmed Sanghar 4130643716569 M.Phil Business Administration
Imran Khan Shafi Mohammad Bozdar Shikarpur 4520624049245 M.Phil Business Administration
Irfan Ali Wazir Ali Lund Dadu 4120178495389 M.Phil Business Administration
Irfan Zeb Prof. Ghulam Hussain Khaskhelly Jamshoro 4120408526437 M.Phil Business Administration
Jaffar Khan Ali Gul Khoso Shahdadkot 4340603676817 M.Phil Business Administration
Javed Ahmed Nek Muhammad Shaikh Khairpur Mirs 4220118114401 M.Phil Business Administration
Jehanzeb Mehar Ghullam Mohammad Mehar Shikarpur 4130621007513 M.Phil Business Administration
Junaid Ahmed Shamusddin Soomro Dadu 4320313277549 M.Phil Business Administration
Khalid Aziz Muhammad Nawaz AmirulBahar Dadu 4120177596549 M.Phil Business Administration
Majid Hussain Khalid Hussain Sarki Jacobabad 4310558807971 M.Phil Business Administration
Marvi Muhammad Daud Wagon Shahdadkot 4130690906770 M.Phil Business Administration
Mohammad Asghar Sikandar Ali Mangrio Jacobabad 4310244075879 M.Phil Business Administration
Muhammad Bachal Ahmed Khan Khoso Larkana 4250115368201 M.Phil Business Administration
Muhammad Kashif Saleem Muhammad Saleem Arain N/Feroze 4530168474919 M.Phil Business Administration
Mushtaque Ahmed Ahmed Khan Shahani Dadu 4120197509197 M.Phil Business Administration
Muzamil Hussain Ghulam Hussain Wahocho Larkana 4320798043927 M.Phil Business Administration
Noman Azim Masood Ahmed Quershi Sanghar 4420446669289 M.Phil Business Administration
Nosheen Muhammad Umer Samoon Badin 4110479904794 M.Phil Business Administration
Rafique Ahmed Sher Muhammad Khoso Dadu 4120437268137 M.Phil Business Administration
Sadaf Gul  Naimatullah Shaikh Larkana 4130640547808 M.Phil Business Administration
Saleem Ahmed Ahmed Nawaz Soomro Shaheed Benazirabad 4540324826107 M.Phil Business Administration
Shafaat Ali Sattar Bux Mallah Shaheed Benazirabad 4540203963291 M.Phil Business Administration
Shahnawaz Ali Najmul Hussain Bhutto Larkana 4130355949933 M.Phil Business Administration
Sher Mohammad M. Usman Jalbani Shaheed Benazirabad 4540363162361 M.Phil Business Administration
Tanweer Ali Ali Nawaz Memon N/Feroze 4540259843773 M.Phil Business Administration
Tariq  Rajpar Abdul Karim Rajpur Khairpur Mirs 4130489311717 M.Phil Business Administration
Waqar Ahmed Faiz Muhammad Memon N/Feroze 4530203818017 M.Phil Business Administration
Zuhra Ghulam Mohammad Lohar Badin 4110439482274 M.Phil Business Administration
Mumtaz Ali Bilawal Abro N/Feroze 4530275371455 M.Phil Business Administration
Yasir Arfat Atta Muhammad Abbasi Larkana 4320311547767 M.Phil Business Administration
Sajjad Hussain Anwar Shah Sayed Dadu 4130637302711 M.Phil Business Administration
Saira Baloch Ghulam Qadir Baloch Jamshoro 4150405976990 M.Phil Business Administration
Asghar Ali Amir Bux Sahito N/Feroze 4530249086873 M.Phil Commerce
Atiya Wahid Abdul Wahid Khan Jindran Shaheed Benazirabad 4540239960336 M.Phil Commerce
Devinder Suresh Kumar Brahman Tharparkar 4230102604077 M.Phil Commerce
Ghulam Murtaza Muhammad Ilyas Solangi Umerkot 4410785176753 M.Phil Commerce
Haji Ahmed Mevo Solangi Badin 4110196408653 M.Phil Commerce
Nazir Ahmed Abdul Hassan Bughio Sanghar 4420440419517 M.Phil Commerce
Nusrat Fatima Abdul Aleem Kazi Thatta 4130699833002 M.Phil Commerce
Pervez Ahmed Abdul Hameed Memon Dadu 4120149248623 M.Phil Commerce
QuratulAin Javed Ahmed Abbasi N/Feroze 4530440806660 M.Phil Commerce
Shankar Lal Krshar Lal Mahasani Mirpurkhas 4410301559213 M.Phil Commerce
Sohail Ahmed Allah Warayo Bhutto Larkana 4320349917413 M.Phil Commerce
Touqeer Hussain Manzoor AhmedHakro Shahdadkot 4320375881659 M.Phil Commerce
Yar Muhammad Hameed Khan Farooqui Sanghar 4420406732919 M.Phil Commerce
Aishat Ghulam MuhammadMari Balouch N/Feroze 4530188247214 M.Phil Commerce
Abdul Rahman Noor Muhammad Memon Shikarpur 4330384547657 M.Phil Computer Science
Anees Ahmed Anwar Ahmed Soomro N/Feroze 4530480062301 M.Phil Computer Science
Ariz Muhammad Gul Muhammad Brohi Shahdadkot 4320620800323 M.Phil Computer Science
Farzana Mumtaz Ali  Bhanbhro Larkana 4150407174104 M.Phil Computer Science
Jaseem Ahmed Wafa Abdul Hayee Bhutto Larkana 4320337942877 M.Phil Computer Science
Khuram Shahzad Illahi Bux Qureshi Jamshoro 4120443062449 M.Phil Computer Science
Maria Maqbool Ahmed Soomro Shikarpur 4330405814198 M.Phil Computer Science
Mushtaque Ahmed Shah Muhammad Bangwar Kashmore 4353003918041 M.Phil Computer Science
Sajidullah Ubaidullah Abbasi Dadu 4120411724413 M.Phil Computer Science
Seema Sultana Bhurgri Ghulam Rasool Bhurgri Jamshoro 4120473192626 M.Phil Computer Science
Tahira Qadeer Abdul Qadeer N/Feroze 4530127004106 M.Phil Computer Science
Abdul Rasheed Abdul Aziz Memon N/Feroze 4520853525795 M.Phil Computer Science
Mumtaz Ali Aban Dahri Dahri Matiari 4130181755083 M.Phil Computer Science
Sajeela Ashfaq Ahmed Tago Dadu 4150406202476 M.Phil Computer Science
Jaiwanti Late Srichand Gemnani Larkana 4130635479146 M.Phil Computer Science
Mubeen Ahmed Abdul Aleem Soomro Dadu 4120261741331 M.Phil Computer Science
Abdul Ghafoor Mohammad Yousif Bhatti Larkana 4320765487887 M.Phil Development Studies
Ali Akbar Haji Khan Panhwar Dadu 4200017324017 M.Phil Development Studies
Amanullah Azizullah Memon N/Feroze 4540209610441 M.Phil Development Studies
Anwar Ahmed Hafiz Abdul Rasheed Jamali Matiari 4130666899447 M.Phil Development Studies
Areslan Narejo Gul Muhammad Narejo Sanghar 4130624721501 M.Phil Development Studies
Fida Hussain Ali Gohar Soomro Shahdadkot 4320620823151 M.Phil Development Studies
Ghulam Hussain Muhammad Iqbal Khwaja Thatta 4140538842267 M.Phil Development Studies
Gulab Anopo Menghwar Tharparkar 4430392813053 M.Phil Development Studies
Iqbal Hyder Ghulam Hyder Sheedi Badin 4110175495827 M.Phil Development Studies
Keemat Rai Hajo Mal Harijan Mithi 4430258489921 M.Phil Development Studies
Mohammad Khan Mohammad Umar Samoon Badin 4110161760317 M.Phil Development Studies
Nisar Ahmed Ghulam Rasool Brohi Shaheed Benazirabad 4540212661675 M.Phil Development Studies
Rehana Sindho Habibullah Kabooro Dadu 4150405806404 M.Phil Development Studies
Sawai Ranomal Maheshawari Tharparkar 4430110937503 M.Phil Development Studies
Sayed Rashid Ali Shah Liaqat Ali Shah Sayed N/Feroze 4530292095161 M.Phil Development Studies
Teerath Kumar Mahendro Mal Menghwar Tharparkar 4430307353475 M.Phil Development Studies
Abdul Qadir Ali Muhammad Markhand Khairpur Mirs 4230130495529 M.Phil Pakistan Studies
Faheem Ali Muhammad Mirani Jamshoro 4120459169345 M.Phil Pakistan Studies
Ghulam Rashid Ghulam Muhammad Memon Tando M. Khan 4130859501159 M.Phil Pakistan Studies
Imtiaz Ali Muhabat Ali Heesbani Khairpur Mirs 4520184764613 M.Phil Pakistan Studies
Karam Ali Raham Ali Bhatti Shahdadkot 4340303485449 M.Phil Pakistan Studies
Muhammad Bakhsh Bakhshan Khan Lolai Larkana 4320515214605 M.Phil Pakistan Studies
Noor Bano Noor Hassan Chachar Kashmore 4350405762350 M.Phil Pakistan Studies
Salma Dittal Khan Lund Baloch Tando Allahyar 4130740919814 M.Phil Pakistan Studies
Sanam Saba Rano Khan Abro Jacobabad 4310284675672 M.Phil Pakistan Studies
Noureen Naheed Shahbaz Pathan Jamshoro M.Phil Pakistan Studies
Zubair Ahmed ohammed Urs Memon Larkana 4320192087271 M.Phil Pakistan Studies
Abdul Sami Ali Sher Dahri Sanghar 4420490147379 M.Phil Microbiology
Ameet Kumar Sukhram Maheshori Umerkot 4410726003165 M.Phil Microbiology
Athar Ali Shamsuddin  Mangi Dadu 4120350291045 M.Phil Microbiology
Ghulam Murtaza Ghulam Mustafa Kumbhar Larkana 4320313743611 M.Phil Microbiology
Shuaa Naureen Ghulam Qadir Chang Badin 4110572566972 M.Phil Microbiology
Beenish Syed Sarfaraz Syed Jamshoro 4120475614576 M.Phil Psychology
Shakoor Ahmed Haji Qadir Dad Mahar Ghotki 4510207426527 M.Phil Psychology
Sumera Shaikh Zahid Shaikh Larkana 4150406762302 M.Phil Psychology
Marvi Muhammad Azeem Panhwar Dadu 4130623791652 M.Phil Psychology
Aadil Ahmed Gulzar Ahmed Memon Shahdadkot 4340203880779 M.Phil Biotechnology
Azhar Ali Abdul Hakeem Tunio Shahdadkot 4340703535755 M.Phil Biotechnology
Faiza Moula Bux Makhdoom Jamshoro 4310202938452 M.Phil Biotechnology
Haseeb Aslam Muhammad Alam Soomro Jamshoro 4150404069247 M.Phil Biotechnology
Madiha Akbar Dr. Ghulam Akbar Rajpar N/Feroze 4530455763834 M.Phil Biotechnology
NajamulSahar Barkatullah Qureshi Dadu 4130678922216 M.Phil Biotechnology
Naseem Khatoon Naimatullah Bhurgri Dadu 4130601595106 M.Phil Biotechnology
Nazakat Hussain Ghulam Shabir Memon N/Feroze 4530238871147 M.Phil Biotechnology
Santosh Kumar Gulab Rai Menghwar Mirpurkhas 4410287562699 M.Phil Biotechnology
Sirajuddin Ghulam Sarwar Babar Khairpur Mirs 4520327295591 M.Phil Biotechnology
Zeeshan Asghar Asghar Ali Palijo Thatta 4140922134985 M.Phil Biotechnology
Abdul Razaque JamalUddin Bhayo Khairpur Mirs 4520397287933 M.Phil Public Adminisration
Ali Raza Rasool Bux Soomro Larkana 4320313699903 M.Phil Public Adminisration
Arbab Ali Jumo Khan Channa N/Feroze 4210119307003 M.Phil Public Adminisration
Ayaz Ali Allah Dito Wighio Jamshoro 4530237532993 M.Phil Public Adminisration
Farzana Kanwal Muahmmad Ishaque Khokhar Larkana 4320368812724 M.Phil Public Adminisration
Ghulam Nabi Ghulam Hussain Gadehi Shahdadkot 4320746001535 M.Phil Public Adminisration
Humera Meer Muhammad Soomro Larkana 4320383931484 M.Phil Public Adminisration
Irfan Aziz Azizullah Bhayo Ghotki 4310379378689 M.Phil Public Adminisration
Irfan Saleh Hafiz Muhammad Saleh Channa Dadu 4120176458581 M.Phil Public Adminisration
Manjhee Khan Ali Muhammad Hinghorjo Sanghar 4420245412345 M.Phil Public Adminisration
Mohammad Akram Mohammad Moosa Jiskani Shaheed Benazirabad 4540285557775 M.Phil Public Adminisration
Muhammad Nawaz Manzoor Ahmed Qureshi Ghotki 4510278894725 M.Phil Public Adminisration
Rahim Bux Khan Muhammad Soomro Kashmore 4310365333060 M.Phil Public Adminisration
Raza Muhammad Amir Din Bangwar Kashmore 4310356516077 M.Phil Public Adminisration
Sanam Muneer Muneer Ahmed Ursani Mirpurkhas 4410379241488 M.Phil Public Adminisration
Shakir Nisar Haji Fayaz Ahmed Memon Shaheed Benazirabad 4540225002235 M.Phil Public Adminisration
Shazia Shaheen Khuda Bux Hussain Shaikh Dadu 4130693067476 M.Phil Public Adminisration
Wajid Hussain Khadim Hussain Lakho Shahdadkot 4150403526569 M.Phil Public Adminisration
Zuhaib Ali Ghulam Qadir Junejo Larkana 4320146679325 M.Phil Public Adminisration
Muhammad Junaid Muhammad SulemanShaikh Jamshoro 4120498683135 M.Phil Public Adminisration
Iftkhar Ahmed Muhammad Ismail Narejo Mirpurkhas 4220163065301 M.Phil Public Adminisration
Arifa (Organic) Ghulam Shabeer Buririo N/Feroze 4530342223448 M.Phil Chemistry
Ashfaque Ahmed (In organic) Nazeer Ahmed Larik Khairpur Mirs 4520494266777 M.Phil Chemistry
Fakeero Mal (Analytical) Beekho Meghwar Mirpurkhas 4410122737251 M.Phil Chemistry
Ghulam Yaseen (Organic) Abdullah Khan Khokhar N/Feroze 4530343116509 M.Phil Chemistry
Mansoor Ali (Analytical) Sher Khan Kapri Mirpurkhas 4410292356073 M.Phil Chemistry
Mehtab (Analytical) Aftab Ahmed Khushik Baloch Shaheed Benazirabad 4540233916430 M.Phil Chemistry
Muhammad Ali (Analytical) Khursheed Alam Rajput Mirpurkhas 4410276293183 M.Phil Chemistry
Muhammad Farooque (Analytical) Abdul Rasheed Lanjwani Shahdadkot 4320796840595 M.Phil Chemistry
Nasira Rashid (Organic) Raja Liaquat Ali Rajput Janjua Sanghar 4420301705392 M.Phil Chemistry
Niaz Ali (In organic) Abdul Fatah Malghani Jacobabad 4310154491985 M.Phil Chemistry
Quratulain (Organic) Abdul Rasool Bahalkani Kashmore 4310370605874 M.Phil Chemistry
Samina Abdul Kareem Sohu Shahdadkot 4320788603978 M.Phil Chemistry
Samina Kanwal (Organic) Qurban Ali Kumbher Umerkot 4440101088714 M.Phil Chemistry
Sajjad aLI Muhammad Saleh Chang N/Feroze 4530503486869 M.Phil Chemistry
Fayaz Ahmed Mir Muhammad Keerio Badin 411037594530 M.Phil Chemistry
Majid Hassan Gul Hassan Bozdar Tando M. Khan 4130804916929 M.Phil Chemistry
Azam Ali Ghulam Nabi Hisbani Larkana 4130685578975 M.Phil Chemistry
Najaf Hyder Muhammad Sidique Memon N/Feroze 4530162702961 M.Phil Chemistry
Abdul Ghaffar  Muhammad Ramzan Solangi N/Feroze 4530392124577 M.Phil Chemical Science
Abdul Qayoom  Muhammad Hassan Lander Sanghar 4420341560097 M.Phil Chemical Science
Aftab Hussain  Moula Bux Khuhawar Larkana 4320386148097 M.Phil Chemical Science
Asadullah  Ghous Bux Khaskheli Sanghar 4420438985095 M.Phil Chemical Science
Asadullah  Ghualm Qadir Ahpun Sanghar 4420475966465 M.Phil Chemical Science
Asghar Ali  Rasool Bux Chang Sanghar 4420506466795 M.Phil Chemical Science
Asma Laghari  Yar Muhammad  Laghari Sanghar 4420638778688 M.Phil Chemical Science
Fareed Ahmed  Haji Muhammad Ishaque Memon Matiari 4130133303663 M.Phil Chemical Science
Ferozuddin  Muhammad Qasim Nohri Tharparkar 4430218909937 M.Phil Chemical Science
Ghamshan Das  Poonam Chand Suther Umerkot 4430125596703 M.Phil Chemical Science
Mahdev Kumar  Herlal Mengwar Mirpurkhas 4410428419725 M.Phil Chemical Science
Muhammad Yousif  Diljan Khan Seelro Shikarpur 4120454101137 M.Phil Chemical Science
Natasha  Gohar Ali Gorar Dadu 4120564876366 M.Phil Chemical Science
Nida Shamsuddin Jalbani N/Feroze 4130669343060 M.Phil Chemical Science
Nizam Uddin Solangi  Habibullah Solangi N/Feroze 4530190392399 M.Phil Chemical Science
Quratul Ain Saeed Saeed Ahmed Laghari Sanghar 4130640000588 M.Phil Chemical Science
Rashid Ali  Muhammad Hakim Palh Dadu 4120170897127 M.Phil Chemical Science
Rukhsana  Raza Muhammad Mugheri Larkana 4120412507782 M.Phil Chemical Science
Sadaf Balouch  Sikander Ali Balouch Thatta 4140948911966 M.Phil Chemical Science
SarajudDin  Haji Sobdar Samejo Umerkot 4410742506889 M.Phil Chemical Science
Sehar Zahid  Syed Zahid Hussain Sanghar 4420659989370 M.Phil Chemical Science
ShahidurRehman  AhsanulHaq Arain Sanghar 4410304366477 M.Phil Chemical Science
Waheed Ali  Mahmood Soomro N/Feroze 4530410427221 M.Phil Chemical Science
Zubaida Khatoon  Muahmmad Ramzan Khaskheli Sanghar 4420350073642 M.Phil Chemical Science
Zulfiqar Ali Muhammad Anwar  Channa Dadu 4120464210677 M.Phil Chemical Science
Javeria Shahid Hussain Shaikh Khairpur Mirs 4130345132186 M.Phil Chemical Science
NajafUL ddin Hazoor Bux Junejo Khairpur Mirs 4520283451737 M.Phil Chemical Science
Ahmed Hussain Late Khadim Hussain Larik Larkana 4230170878183 M.Phil Geology
Asad Ali Muhammad Suleman Narejo Larkana 4130674391065 M.Phil Geology
Asim Ali Bashir Ahmed Abbasi Dadu 4120386145827 M.Phil Geology
Bashir Ahmed Haji Bakar Shah Syed N/Feroze 4530350879715 M.Phil Geology
Ghulam Akber Ghulam Nabi Dehani Kashmore 4350303514669 M.Phil Geology
Imdad Ali Haji Muhammad Dawood Abbasi Kaloro Jamshoro 4150404261301 M.Phil Geology
Israr Ahmed Ghulam Muhammad Qureshi Dadu 4150403993161 M.Phil Geology
Kareemdad M.Hassan  Mehar Sanghar 4420224609883 M.Phil Geology
Muhammad Dodo Muhammad Umar Jagirani Shahdadkot 4150403618489 M.Phil Geology
Rasool Bux Lal Bux Saher Dadu 4120559268599 M.Phil Geology
Ishfaq Ahmed Sarfraz Hussain  Solangi Jamshoro 4120425317765 M.Phil Geology
Khalid Ahmed Ghulam Hussain Mirani Dadu 4250134890045 M.Phil Geology
Javed Ali Jan Muhammad Kalhoro Larkana 4320313344159 M.Phil Geology
Abdul Rehman Noor Muhammad Mirpurkhas 4420292264697 M.Phil Physics
Ali Raza Rind Irshad Ali Rind Khairpur Mirs 2520676431533 M.Phil Physics
Haneef Ubed Ubedullah Narejo Khairpur Mirs 4520241819183 M.Phil Physics
Ihsan Ali Zahid Hussain Khairpur Mirs 4520609286399 M.Phil Physics
Imran Ali Shafi Muhammad Halepoto Mirpurkhas 4420252762801 M.Phil Physics
Mansab Ali Umed Ali Jakhrani Kashmore 4350483207417 M.Phil Physics
Maqsood Ahmed Ahmed Bux Abro Larkana 4320236023903 M.Phil Physics
Meer Hassan Ali Akbar Brohi Larkana 4130606062445 M.Phil Physics
Muhammad Asif Allah belly Syed Sanghar 4420603009955 M.Phil Physics
Muhammad Ishaque Malik Ghulam Rasool Awan Mirpurkhas 4130455199063 M.Phil Physics
Muhammad Yousif Hafiz Shabir Ahmed Channa Jamshoro 4120486558633 M.Phil Physics
Noor Muhammad Noor Mustafa Shaikh Jamshoro 4120170594785 M.Phil Physics
Rashid Ali Abdul Ghafoor Hakro Ghotki 4510271771207 M.Phil Physics
Sajid Hussain Muhammad Azeem Matilo Khairpur Mirs 4520352823719 M.Phil Physics
Ahmed Ali  Qazi Samejo Umerkot 4410737378003 M.Phil Zoology
Altaf Hussain Mahrab Khan Shahani Dadu 4120136552521 M.Phil Zoology
Ambreen Sher Muhammad Khoso Larkana 4320267663460 M.Phil Zoology
Ambreen Akhtar Saifuddin Afghan Larkana 4320364162612 M.Phil Zoology
Attia Bushra Kabeer Ahmed Jat Umerkot 4410480251042 M.Phil Zoology
Badarunissa Muhammad Usman Sahetto Mangrejo Larkana 4320579764340 M.Phil Zoology
Bakhtawar Ghuam Murtaza Soomro Larkana 4320378858306 M.Phil Zoology
Dharti Shahnawaz Shahnawaz Thebo N/Feroze 4250140940582 M.Phil Zoology
Dildar Ali  Muhammad Jaffar Channar N/Feroze 4530236194109 M.Phil Zoology
Fahmida Wahid Bux Channa N/Feroze 4530333249076 M.Phil Zoology
Ghulam Zuhra Mushfa Noor Ahmed Qambrani Tando Allahyar 4130727878098 M.Phil Zoology
Hafeezullah Muhammad Hashim Arohoto Sanghar 4420228774319 M.Phil Zoology
Haji Khan Abdul Aziz Golo Kashmore 4350303761543 M.Phil Zoology
Hira Soofi Soofi Akbar Umerkot 4130314176478 M.Phil Zoology
Insaf Ali Ghulam Qadir Rind Khairpur Mirs 4520627857633 M.Phil Zoology
Maree Ghulam Murtaza Rajper N/Feroze 4530449417094 M.Phil Zoology
Mareyam Pir Bux Mangi Kashmore 4350405722394 M.Phil Zoology
Mohan Lal Mehran Harijan Umerkot 4410737967753 M.Phil Zoology
Muhammad Fahad  Sikandar Ali Lohar Shikarpur 4330430584243 M.Phil Zoology
Muhammad Siddique Fazul Haque Dayo Matiari 4130173688751 M.Phil Zoology
Mukhtiar Ali Muhammad Moosa Kaloi Baloch Sanghar 4420453215971 M.Phil Zoology
Nadeem Hussain Muhammad Punjal Tunio Shahdadkot 4340403574737 M.Phil Zoology
Piyar Ali Gul Muhammad Palijo Thatta 4140960517453 M.Phil Zoology
Sadaf Fatima  Ali Nawaz Mughul Pathan N/Feroze 4530152627136 M.Phil Zoology
Sadaf Muhammad Shareef Qureshi Mirpurkhas 4410372273198 M.Phil Zoology
Sana Ali Rahim Ali Otho Dadu 4130485932512 M.Phil Zoology
Sanam Ghulam Hussain Hingoro Dadu 4120124512100 M.Phil Zoology
Sanum Muhammad Hanif Samoo Sanghar 4420690315332 M.Phil Zoology
Shabana Ghulam Shabir Mangi Larkana 4320313028542 M.Phil Zoology
Shehela Sikandar Ali Hakro Shahdadkot 4320277237020 M.Phil Zoology
Sher Muhammad  Malik Dino Kanher Khairpur Mirs 4520433048553 M.Phil Zoology
Sindhu Ahmed Ali Bughio Jamshoro 4130659023962 M.Phil Zoology
Sohail Ahmed Bashir Ahmed Khoso Baloch Jamshoro 4120479988655 M.Phil Zoology
Sultan Ahmed Juma Khan Mugheri Shahdadkot 4320268511967 M.Phil Zoology
Yousra Zulfiqar Ali Yousuf Zai Pathan Mirpurkhas 4410333266904 M.Phil Zoology
ZainulAabdin  Abdul Sattar Abro Larkana 4320193024281 M.Phil Zoology
Zarina  Ghulam Mustafa Chang Umerkot 4410792481944 M.Phil Zoology
Farzana Muhammad Juman Noonari Larkana 4320126101370 M.Phil Zoology
Hashim Rashid Rashid Ahmed Badin 4110384547323 M.Phil Biochemistry
Javed Ibrahim N/Feroze 4530360304771 M.Phil Biochemistry
Maqsood Ali Muhammad Umar Dadu 4120101615771 M.Phil Biochemistry
Mohammad Haneef Budhal Khan Larkana 4320722262599 M.Phil Biochemistry
Muzna Paras Anwer Ali Mirpurkhas 4410393563324 M.Phil Biochemistry
Najaf Ali Soomro Ahmed Ali Dadu 4130659033177 M.Phil Biochemistry
Neelofar Ali Umer Dadu 4420445499468 M.Phil Biochemistry
QuratulAin Kaleemullah Jamshoro 4130367931756 M.Phil Biochemistry
Raheela Qamar Qamar Hussain Shah Badin 4110415678104 M.Phil Biochemistry
Rameez Ali Solangi Saeedullah Dadu 4120523984117 M.Phil Biochemistry
Safdar Ali Ghulam Akbar N/Feroze 4530254822163 M.Phil Biochemistry
Safia Shaheen Saand Jan Muhammad Shaheed Benazirabad 4420657532004 M.Phil Biochemistry
Sikandar Khatoon Rajoo Larkana 4330164921994 M.Phil Biochemistry
Umedan Shafi Muhammad Larkana 4320127206232 M.Phil Biochemistry
Zainab Abeer Ansari Haji Muhammad Tahir Larkana 4410191518016 M.Phil Biochemistry
Asadullah Attaullah Ghotki 4510195445833 M.Phil Petroleum Geosciences
Muhammad Hashim Nazeer Ahmed Mirpurkhas 4410126674201 M.Phil Petroleum Geosciences
Saadat Ali Shah  Azhar Ali Shah Sukkur 4550496937285 M.Phil Petroleum Geosciences
Sajid Ali Baladi  Ali Nawaz Dadu 4250110668003 M.Phil Petroleum Geosciences
Sartaj Ali  Ali Anwer Larkana 4140826839439 M.Phil Petroleum Geosciences
Sher Muhammad  Khuda Bakhsh Ghotki 4510204783453 M.Phil Petroleum Geosciences
Yaseen Jhando Junejo Shaheed Benazirabad 4540120393359 M.Phil Petroleum Geosciences
Zain ul Abdin Mohammad Ramzan Shaheed Benazirabad 4540235613291 M.Phil Petroleum Geosciences
Yasir Ali Moroojo Ali Nawaz Matiari 4130533275651 M.Phil Political Science
Abdullah Adam Muhammad Adam Thatta 4140998955877 M.Phil Political Science
Araz Muhammad Shafi Muhammad Bozdar Khairpur Mirs 4520676793103 M.Phil Political Science
Abdul Ghaffar  Muhammad Hassan Matiari 4180305795113 M.Phil Media & Com Stdies
Ali Sher  Muhammad Auchar N/Feroze 4530288357341 M.Phil Media & Com Stdies
Bakhtawar Talpur  Shafi Mohammad Mirpurkhas 4410180388444 M.Phil Media & Com Stdies
Hafza Iqbal  Ghulam Muhammad Iqbal Jacobabad 4310284132240 M.Phil Media & Com Stdies
Hujatullah Moulvi Sanaullah Shahdadkot 4320332448431 M.Phil Media & Com Stdies
Jamil Ahmed Ghulam Hussain Larkana 4320352256889 M.Phil Media & Com Stdies
Muhammad Khan  Haji Mubin Sanghar 4420208207239 M.Phil Media & Com Stdies
Muhammad Mubeen Khair Muhammad Umerkot 4220103940155 M.Phil Media & Com Stdies
Zeenat Bano  Khuwaja Ghulam Hussain Badin 4110156992120 M.Phil Media & Com Stdies
Zulifqar Ali  Muhammad Ismail Umerkot 4410730136231 M.Phil Media & Com Stdies
Atif Hussain Lal Bux N/Feroze 4130606582771 M.Phil Media & Com Stdies
Naeem Ahmed Wahid Bux Dadu 4130485468209 M.Phil Media & Com Stdies
Nadeem Ahmed Anwar Ali Khairpur Mirs 4520302773519 M.Phil Media & Com Stdies
Rameez Ali Taj Muhammad N/Feroze 4530305961665 M.Phil Media & Com Stdies
Ghulam Asghar Muhammad Ali Khairpur Mirs 4520411335991 M.Phil Media & Com Stdies
Hassan Ali Syed Israr Ahmed Dadu 4120342040323 M.Phil Media & Com Stdies
Ghulam Shabbir Gulab Khan Matiari 4130574364755 M.Phil Media & Com Stdies
Abdul Hayee Abdul Ghani Khairpur Mirs 4520396460503 M.Phil Media & Com Stdies
Muhammad Ibrahim Ghulam Rasool N/Feroze 4150403398545 M.Phil Media & Com Stdies
Haider Ali Nizamuddin Jamshoro 4320321295885 M.Phil Media & Com Stdies
Syed Wajahat Ali Shah Bisharat Ali Shah Larkana 4120497280481 M.Phil Media & Com Stdies
Liaquat Ali Khair Muhammad Shahdadkot 4320683179405 M.Phil Media & Com Stdies
Fida Hussain Ali Dino Khairpur Mirs 4250116120783 M.Phil Media & Com Stdies
Zuhaib Haji Attaullah N/Feroze 4530167540361 M.Phil Media & Com Stdies
Sahib Rano Oad Dadu 4230180503101 M.Phil Media & Com Stdies
Anjum Ara Wali Muhammad Matiari 4130377710768 M.Phil Media & Com Stdies
JaneAlam Ali Asghar Dadu 4220179886303 M.Phil Media & Com Stdies
Yusra Ghulam Shabbar Larkana 4320552648962 M.Phil Media & Com Stdies
Chetan Kumar Mirchu Mal M Umerkot 4410796413523 M.Phil Media & Com Stdies
Ayaz Hussain Wassan Niaz Hussain Khairpur Mirs 4250190663061 M.Phil Sociology
AzharulDin Abdul Wahid Ghotki 4510208186209 M.Phil Sociology
Bakhtawar M. Abbas Tando Allahyar 4170305657914 M.Phil Sociology
Faisal Shah Sonal Shah Khairpur Mirs 4520303439847 M.Phil Sociology
Gul Hassan Jamal Din Bahalkani Kashmore 4350303533183 M.Phil Sociology
Hajira Naz Jaro Khan Sanghar 4420623123708 M.Phil Sociology
Hamida  Haji Shahnawaz Mirpurkhas 4410303057852 M.Phil Sociology
Irfan Ali Soomro Muhammad Ismail Jamshoro 4120424991571 M.Phil Sociology
Junaid Ahmed Barkat Ali Sukkur 4550411508083 M.Phil Sociology
Mohammad Tayyeb Abdul Sattar Larkana 4320313721751 M.Phil Sociology
Mohsin Ali Munwar N/Feroze 4530236023609 M.Phil Sociology
Muhammad Ali Allan Khan Sanghar 4420629489675 M.Phil Sociology
Muhammad Siddique Roshan Ali Larkana 4320168929141 M.Phil Sociology
Mukhtiar Ahmed Khaliquedad Kashmore 4310333427669 M.Phil Sociology
Rashid u Rehman Abdul Rehman Larkana 4320158738361 M.Phil Sociology
Rizwana Soomro Muhammad Qasim Sanghar 4420644551642 M.Phil Sociology
Saba Ahmed Ali Chang Khairpur Mirs 4130453215768 M.Phil Sociology
Saeed Ahmed Muhammad Umar Larkana 4320162168897 M.Phil Sociology
Saeedah  Ghulam Rasool Dadu 4120366100910 M.Phil Sociology
Sajad Ahmed Maqsood Ahmed N/Feroze 4530452676243 M.Phil Sociology
Sarfraz Ali Farman Ali Khairpur Mirs 4520807227107 M.Phil Sociology
Shoieb Ahmed Muhammad Bux Larkana 4320359350939 M.Phil Sociology
Syed Ismail Shah Syed Shah Muhammad Matiari 4130531013623 M.Phil Sociology
Zuhaib Akhtar Rasool Bux Larkana 4320507298833 M.Phil Sociology
Atta Muhammad Muhammad Bachal Umerkot 4410760762343 M.Phil Sociology
Abdul Rehman Haji Puhoon Jamshoro 4120498738739 M.Phil Information Tech
Abdul Waqar  Abdul Qadir Shaheed Benazirabad 4540266932233 M.Phil Information Tech
Allah Rakhiyo Jan Muhammad (Bio Infor) Dadu 4120368620341 M.Phil Information Tech
Bushra Shah (Late) Muzaffar Hussian Umerkot 4130674552234 M.Phil Information Tech
Faisal Ali Shahmir Khan (Telecom) Jamshoro 4150404491105 M.Phil Information Tech
Jawad Hussain Ghulam Qadir Dadu 4150404302609 M.Phil Information Tech
KhadijatulKubra Bashir Ahmed Thatta 4130641852514 M.Phil Information Tech
Muhammad Aijaz  ul Haq Tajam ul Haq (Telecom) Jamshoro 4120473526799 M.Phil Information Tech
Muhammad Ajmal Muhammad Sidique Jamshoro 4120408464425 M.Phil Information Tech
Poono Harkho Tharparkar 3230301072489 M.Phil Information Tech
Sanam Qazi Abdul Aziz (Tele com) Shikarpur 4130430235786 M.Phil Information Tech
Seema Prof.Dr.Abdul Rasool Jamshoro 4120401473724 M.Phil Information Tech
Sether Riaz Sether Ayoub Jamshoro 4120186329043 M.Phil Information Tech
Shahzad Bashir Bashir Ahmed Jamshoro 4120488474509 M.Phil Information Tech
Shahzad Nazeer Nazeer Ahmd Jamshoro 412044175635 M.Phil Information Tech
Sobia Khalid Malik Khalid Javed Badin 4110401268734 M.Phil Information Tech
Suhail Ahmed Muhammad Azeem Jamshoro 4120483701123 M.Phil Information Tech
Zulfiqar Ali Siyal Nabi Bux Jamshoro 4120474472339 M.Phil Information Tech
Nabi Bux Allah Ditto Khan Ghotki 4130610545187 M.Phil Information Tech
Aashique Ali Shah Noor Ali Shah Dadu 4120169065463 M.Phil Information Tech
Ahsan Khan Abdul Wahid Sanai Ghotki 4130157600703 M.Phil Economics
Humayun Hassan Khuda Bux Dadu 4120103748369 M.Phil Economics
Muhammad Siddque Khalid Thatta 4140515807729 M.Phil Economics
Nadia Parveen Hussain Ali Khan  Sehol Dadu 4120577171708 M.Phil Economics
Nazia Naz Kora Khan Sanghar 4420653929262 M.Phil Economics
Rukhsana Parveen Ghulam Qadir Thatta 4140986152884 M.Phil Economics
Sahibzado Ghulam Mujtaba Gulzar Ali Khairpur Mirs 4520522731785 M.Phil Economics
Shazia Hajjan Khan Jamali Matiari 4130644088178 M.Phil Economics
Shazia Parveen Hussain Ali Khan  Sehol Dadu 4120565336198 M.Phil Economics
Zubair Ahmed Muhammad Ramzan N/Feroze 4130607777763 M.Phil Economics
Naseema Rabail Mujeeb Ur Rehman Abro Tando Allahyar 4130794560998 M.Phil Economics
Ali Mukhitar Hakim Ali Sukkur 4550132433587 M.Phil Mathematics
Himayat Ali Shah Syed Abdul Wahab Sanghar 4420410413877 M.Phil Mathematics
Noor Mohammad Khuda Bukhsh Tando M. Khan 4130840117819 M.Phil Mathematics
Nuzhat Jabbar Abdul Jabbar Larkana 4130621202074 M.Phil Mathematics
Sarfaraz Niaz Hussain Khairpur Mirs 4520869326924 M.Phil Mathematics
Zulqarnain Fazal Mohammad Sanghar 4420360523391 M.Phil Mathematics
Naresh Kumar Sadarang Mal Khairpur Mirs 4130699713323 M.Phil Mathematics
Fayaz Ahmed Khuhro Abdul Hakeem Khairpur Mirs 4520279117197 M.Phil Mathematics
Dad Muhammad Shafi Muhammad Shahdadkot 4320466929781 M.Phil Gender Studies
Ghulam Murtaza Muhammad Nawaz Sanghar 4130673682203 M.Phil Gender Studies
Kiran Fatima Allah Dino N/Feroze 4130420165554 M.Phil Gender Studies
Shafquat Hussain Ghulam Sarwar Khairpur Mirs 4520520449335 M.Phil Gender Studies
Hunain Tarique Tarique Hussain Larkana 4320531927953 M.Phil Gender Studies
Abdul Samad Azizullah Badin 4110318641447 M.Phil Fresh Water Bi & Fish
Ali Akbar Muhammad Aslam Mirpurkhas 4410122642687 M.Phil Fresh Water Bi & Fish
Bilqees Baloch Barkat Ali Jacobabad 4130655493804 M.Phil Fresh Water Bi & Fish
BisharatulRasool Muhammad Qasim N/Feroze 4530260518049 M.Phil Fresh Water Bi & Fish
Farooq Ahmed Nisar Ahmed Dadu 4120379468415 M.Phil Fresh Water Bi & Fish
Hameeda Dr. Illahi Bux N/Feroze 4130376074322 M.Phil Fresh Water Bi & Fish
Inayatullah Sahib Dino Jacobabad 4310167989267 M.Phil Fresh Water Bi & Fish
Naveed Ahmed Saeed Ahmed Abro Shikapur 4330458837237 M.Phil Fresh Water Bi & Fish
Rehman Ibrahim Muhammad Ibrahim Jamshoro 4120750873561 M.Phil Fresh Water Bi & Fish
Shaista Abdul Kahlique Tando Allahyar 4170305669950 M.Phil Fresh Water Bi & Fish
Syed Babar Hussain Dinal Shah Dadu 4120186755801 M.Phil Fresh Water Bi & Fish
Tasleem Akhtar Muhammad Haneef N/Feroze 4530266693846 M.Phil Fresh Water Bi & Fish
Khaleeq Ahmed Somro Hadi Bux Soomro Shikarpur 4330405761677 M.Phil Fresh Water Bi & Fish
Syed sajjad ali shah Syed Bachal shah Jamshoro 4120689892091 M.Phil Fresh Water Bi & Fish
Nazia Bano Juma Baloch Dadu 4240116986202 M.Phil Fresh Water Bi & Fish
Ghulam Qadir Jamali Muhammad Bux Dadu 4120208308499 M.Phil Fresh Water Bi & Fish
Abdul Manan Abdul Kareem Shahdadkot 4320668316497 M.Phil EnvironmentalSciences
Ali Muhammad Sultan Mirpurkhas 4410694598019 M.Phil Botany
Ashfaq Ahmed Muhammad Nawaz N/Feroze 4530503448317 M.Phil Botany
Asif Raza Ghulam Mustafa Soomro N/Feroze 4530171110369 M.Phil Botany
Azhar Mustafa Ghulam Mustafa Soomro N/Feroze 4130684219581 M.Phil Botany
Fahim Haider Sohrab Khan Jaffarabad 5340407992323 M.Phil Botany
Hamida Zahoor hussain Jamshoro 4120196033578 M.Phil Botany
Imran Khan Muhammad Haroon N/Feroze 4530155529053 M.Phil Botany
Irfan  Ali Muhammad Khan Sanghar 4420591091093 M.Phil Botany
Marvie Akhtiar  Ali Larkana 4130490720688 M.Phil Botany
Muhammad Ali Ghulam Hyder Bhatti Shahdadkot 4320473553699 M.Phil Botany
Muhib Ali Bakhsho Khan Dadu 4120473392255 M.Phil Botany
Nazim Hussain Nek Muhammad Sukkur 4550151442829 M.Phil Botany
Saifullah Ubedullah Abbasi Jamshoro 4120497473065 M.Phil Botany
Saima Nazir Ahmed Dadu 4120350050524 M.Phil Botany
Suhail Ahmed Muhammad Ramzan Larkana 4320285623779 M.Phil Botany
Sujo Sajan Mal Umerkot 4430307371971 M.Phil Botany
Syed Israr Ali Syed Ali Murtaza Dadu 4130631898485 M.Phil Botany
Zahid Hussain Ghulam Qadir Larkana 4320358924979 M.Phil Botany
Amanullah Muhammad Qasim Dadu 4120632007149 M.Phil Botany
Bin Yameen  Muhammad Yaqoob Jamshoro 4120439964643 M.Phil Botany
Koonj Saleem  Abdul Salim Badin 4130358379930 M.Phil Botany
Mushtaque Ahmed  Shah Muhammad Dadu 4120462693307 M.Phil Botany
Ruqaya Muhammad Tarque Sanghar 4120437137996 M.Phil Botany
Sadaf Khan  M.Arif Khan N/Feroze 4130487389586 M.Phil Botany
Shafique Ahmed Dr. Ameer Ahmed Dadu 4120525653453 M.Phil Botany
Shahid Ali Abdul Raheem N/Feroze 4530188091893 M.Phil Botany
Sonia Ahmed Ali Sanghar 4420467082448 M.Phil Botany
Aamir Ali Noor Muhammad Dadu 4120321441731 M.Phil Botany
Abdul Ghaffar Ghulam Rasool Soomro N/Feroze 4530421424467 M.Phil Botany
Akhtiar Ahmed Muhammad Ramzan Ghotki 4510214197569 M.Phil Botany
Asma Parveen Ghulam Shabir N/Feroze 4530258839294 M.Phil Botany
Bashir Ahmed Dariya Khan Dadu 4120384715429 M.Phil Botany
Bukhtawar Bukhsh Ali Dadu 4120142550852 M.Phil Botany
Farhina Khursheed Ali Jamshoro 4120469676772 M.Phil Botany
Hira Nabi Bux Larkana 4320322912978 M.Phil Botany
Lal Bux Dost Ali Sukkur 4550373710561 M.Phil Botany
Maria Muhammad Khalid Dadu 4150407196284 M.Phil Botany
Paras Ahmed Ali Dadu 4130628622894 M.Phil Botany
Sabiha Abdullah Badin 4110397008228 M.Phil Botany
Sadia Ambreen Basheer Ahmed Sanghar 4420370719440 M.Phil Botany
Shaheen Haji Khuda Bux Jamshoro 4130364575584 M.Phil Botany
Sadaf Deedar Hussain Dadu 4120127728280 M.Phil Botany
Badar Uddin Ali Anwar Shahdadkot 4250145127629 M.Phil Botany
Rehana Muhammad Hussain Leghari Dadu 4120255483232 M.Phil Botany
Fida Hussain Muhammad Hassan Shaheed Benazirabad 4540126696389 M.Phil Physical Education
Ihasan Kandhro Jamaluddin N/Feroze 4530369858753 M.Phil Physical Education
Muhammad Munwar Muhammad Chuttal Jamshoro 4120642180375 M.Phil Physical Education
Muhammad Sajid Khan Abdul Wahid Mirpurkhas 4410342082711 M.Phil Physical Education
VashDev Chetan Umerkot 4410553243415 M.Phil Physical Education
Amjad Ali Allah Ditto Soomro Khairpur Mirs 4130663373123 M.Phil Physical Education
Ghulam Murtaza Sher Muhammad Sukkur 4550118523937 M.Phil Mathematics
Zubeda Muhammad Ramzan Sanghar 4420402899788 M.Phil Botony
Badaruddin Muhammad Sharif, Kolachi Ghotki 4510278022211 M.Phil Economics
Abdul Hafeez Qazi Abdul Rahman Matiari 4130655642151 M.Phil Sindhi
Abdul Majeed Khoso Ghulam Qadir Khoso Ghotki 4510518543013 M.Phil Sindhi
Asma Chananr Ghulam Mohyuddin Channar Nausgero Feroze 4130361603004 M.Phil Chemical Science
Ali Dino Ghulam Muhammad Shar Larkana 4320354600253 M.Phil Sindhi
Ali Nawaz Rahim Dino Bhanbhro UmerKot 4410720470187 M.Phil Sindhi
Muhammad Ahmed Mansoor Safiullah Abbasi Matiari 4330492127065 M.Phil Sindhi
Barkat Ali Imam Bux Mahar Shikarpur 4330176186155 M.Phil Sindhi
Poonj Raj Loung Mal Bheel UmerKot 4410473685547 M.Phil Sindhi
Khalida Abdul Majid Arain Dadu 4120167902636 M.Phil Zoology
Rehmatullah Mir Mohammad Mir Mohammad Pirzado Shaheed Benazirabad 4540308000713 M.Phil Sindhi
Riaz Ali Ujjan Mohammad Yakoob Ujjan KhairpurMirs 4520202712783 M.Phil Sindhi
Shakeel Ahmed Nazeer Hussain Shaikh N/Feroze 4530252285571 M.Phil Sindhi
Nabeela Memon Fida Hussain Memon Matiari 4130572453340 M.Phil Sindhi
Shabana Khatoon Ali Nawaz Panhwar Dadu 4120172465402 M.Phil Sindhi
Hosh Muhammad Nizamuddin Bhatti Larkana 4320176554417 M.Phil Sindhi
Sarang Joyo Taj Muhammad Joyo Shaheed Benazirabad 4130615678247 M.Phil Sindhi
Ahmed Bakhsh Kolachi Mohammad Bakhsh Larkana 4320136222513 M.Phil Business Administration
Ali Gul Tanwari Shamas-u-Din Tanwari N/Feroze 4530203722465 M.Phil Business Administration
Amjad Khan Maznani Muhammad Usman Dadu 4130641482853 M.Phil Business Administration
Safia Sanam Shahabuddin Memon Khairpur Mirs 6110133622037 M. Phil. Analytical Chemistry
Muhammad Kashif Allah Warayo Khairpur Mirs 4520365940977 M. Phil. Analytical Chemistry
Oan Muhammad Muhammad Ibrahim Sahito Matiyari 4180205788655 M. Phil. Analytical Chemistry
Abdul Sattar Chang Ghulam hyder Chang Khairpur mirs 4520832312169 M. Phil. Analytical Chemistry
Roomia Memon Muhammad umar Memon thatta 4140991007000 M. Phil. Analytical Chemistry
Muhammad Ibrahim Muhammad Umar Kalhoro Tando Allahyar 41307–5609261–3 M.Phil Area Study Centre
Madiha Shah Syed Mohib Ali Shah Noshehro Feroz 45304–1856205–0 M.Phil Area Study Centre
Sajid Ali khan Sikander Ali Marri Shaheed Benazir Abad 45042–9317101–7 M.Phil Area Study Centre
Aneesullah Ali Hyder Kalhoro Larkana 41302–8592301–9 M.Phil Area Study Centre
Barkat Ali Muhmmad Ali Mugeri Larkana 43207–2862838–7 M.Phil Area Study Centre
Faraz Ali Aijaz Ali Chandio Sanghar 44206–7311201–1 M.Phil Area Study Centre
M. Saqaf Jagirani Attaullah Jagerani KamberShahdadkot 4320294834727 M. Phil. Analytical Chemistry
Ghulam Abbad Wali Muhammad Mirani Larkana 43203–3577778–9 M.Phil Area Study Centre
Ghulam Asghar Hafiz Iqbal Ahmed Khairpur Mirs 45204–4041383–1 M.Phil Area Study Centre
Hareesh Kumar Jairam Das Megwar Tharparkar 41306–6197018–9 M.Phil Area Study Centre
Imtiaz Ahmed Ghulam Mujtaba Khoso Umar Kot 44107–6034455–1 M.Phil Area Study Centre
Kosar Parveen Karim Dino Soomro Nawab Shah 45402–3728263–2 M.Phil Area Study Centre
Liaqat Ali Muhmad Koral Qureshi Jamshoro 41504–0352277–1 M.Phil Area Study Centre
Majid Ali Abdul Qayoom Nonari Jacobabad 43105–2429194–5 M.Phil Area Study Centre
Majid Ali Shah Ali Akbar Shah Matyari 41301–1077382–7 M.Phil Area Study Centre
Mohsin Ali Shokat Ali Kolachi Dadu 41205–7424454–9 M.Phil Area Study Centre
Tariq Panhwar Muhammad Bux Panhwar Dadu 4120105940413 M. Phil. Analytical Chemistry
Rafique Ali Qurban Ali Brohi Jamshoro 41204–1537293–3 M.Phil Area Study Centre
Ronaque Ali Qurband Ali Behan Khairpur Mirs 45203–5432938–5 M.Phil Area Study Centre
Shahnawar Allah Dayo Mangi Ghotki 45013–4123567–1 M.Phil Area Study Centre
Zahid Hussain Ali Muhmmad Bouk Dadu 41201–176531–9 M.Phil Area Study Centre
Latif Dino Peerano Lanjwani Matyari 41305–0636964–7 M.Phil Area Study Centre
Mr. Majid Hussain Shah Syed Anwar Hussain Shah Dadu 41306–1527399–7 M.Phil Area Study Centre
Hans Raj Meghraj Oad Umar Kot 44017–4242158–9 M.Phil Area Study Centre
Mohsin Baig Rasheed Baig Mughal Shahdapur 4420462851565 M. Phil. Analytical Chemistry
Saba Waris Ali Waris Ali Arain Sanghar 4420436115872 M. Phil. Analytical Chemistry
Shazia Bhurgri Khuda bux  bhurgri Sanghar 4420564279102 M. Phil. Analytical Chemistry
Muhammad Waris Muhammad Arif Arain Mirpurkhas 4410282392601 M. Phil. Analytical Chemistry
Zahid Hussain Abdul majeed Laghari Ghotki 4510402707147 M. Phil. Analytical Chemistry
Nusrat Shahab Shahabuddin Memon Khairpur Mirs 6110133622038 M. Phil. Analytical Chemistry
Hemoon Kalani Abdul Majeed N/Feroze 4530122814759 M.Phil Sindhi
Laiq ur Rehman Abdul Munnan Rahim Yar Khan 3130324457145 M.Phil Business Administration
Moula Bux Tanwri Abdul Ghafoor KhairpurMirs 4550444834549 M.Phil Business Administration
Muhammad Imran Saleem Muhammad Saleem Javeed Rahim Yar Khan 3130392395241 M.Phil Business Administration
Munesh Kumar Maheshwari Mahadev Mirpurkhas 4410405471805 M.Phil Business Administration
Naseem Ahmed Tunio Siraj Ahmed Tunio Larkana 4320398840533 M.Phil Business Administration
Naveed Ahmed Khaskheli Barkat Ali KhairpurMirs 4520507015857 M.Phil Business Administration
Farhat Gul Memon Muhammad Siddique Memon Tharparkar 4130628679756 M.Phil Business Administration
Zaheeruddin Channa Qaimuddin Channa Dadu 4120488389947 M.Phil Business Administration
Noman Ali Manzoor Ahmed Qureshi Sanghar 4420407920421 M.Phil Business Administration
Shaista Ansari Mohammad Ibrahim Shikarpur 4550432809082 M.Phil Business Administration
Mohammad Sharif Jan Mohammad Hanif Jan Tando Muhammad Khan 4130819926509 M.Phil Business Administration
Abdul Nabi Shar Muhammad Malook Shar KhairpurMirs 4520198983803 M.Phil Arabic
Ahmed Nadeem Patoli Israr Ahmed Patoli Badin 4130665917051 M.Phil Arabic
Ali Asghar Mohammad Qasim N/Feroze 4530290754251 M.Phil Arabic
Azizullah Rajar Burhanuddin Sanghar 4420297118873 M.Phil Arabic
Dost Ali Muhammad Murad Shaheed Benazirabad 4540365799567 M.Phil Arabic
Mairaj Ahmed Shah Bux Shikarpur 4330172971777 M.Phil Arabic
Muhammad Urs Din Muhammad Shaheed Benazirabad 4540209289035 M.Phil Arabic
Muhammad Hashim Muhammad Ramzan Bukero Tando Allahyar 4130713874289 M.Phil Arabic
Roshan Ali Dost Ali Zardari Sanghar 4420488769471 M.Phil Arabic
QuratulAin Abro Dr. Riazuddin Abro Dadu 4130685912696 MS Commerce
Maryam Kalhoro Ali Nawaz Kalhoro Dadu 4120141006734 MS Commerce
Nazia Dharejo Altaf Hussain Dharejo Ghotki 4550164907652 MS Commerce
Aqsa Khatoon Altaf Hussain Dharejo Ghotki 4550194357770 MS Commerce
Abdul Majeed Ahmed Khan Solangi Jamshoro 4120445304117 MS Commerce
Aftab Ahmed Inayat Ali Khoso Dadu 4120557010489 MS Commerce
Amanullah Gilal Bashir Ahmed Gilal Dadu 4320379878629 MS Commerce
Fayaz Ahmed Soomro Ahmed Ali Soomro Larkana 4320333342767 MS Commerce
Liaquat Ali Ghanghro Mohammad Ramzan KhairpurMirs 4520316266265 MS Commerce
Munwar Hussain Pahi Chibhar Khan Dadu 4120551701129 MS Commerce
Nasir Ali Abdul Ghaffar Rajput Matiari 4130598240653 MS Commerce
Sajid Bhutto Manzoor Ahmed Bhutto Jamshoro 4130631590801 MS Commerce
Sikandar Ali Memon Muhammad Ali KhairpurMirs 4520398092733 MS Commerce
Suhail Ahmed Abdul Rasool Shaikh Larkana 4320313714267 MS Commerce
Vinod am Kishan Ramshi Mirpurkhas 4410670750235 MS Commerce
Waqar Ali Khushik Mohammad Khan Matiari 4130595407119 MS Commerce
Samreen Tunio Ghulam Shabir Larkana 4130662408200 MS Commerce
Ali Akbar Panhwar Ayaz Ahmed Dadu 4120103997117 M.Phil Fresh Water Bi & Fish
Aftab Ahmed Dr. Manzoor Ali Khan Jacobabad 4310470454205 M.Phil Fresh Water Bi & Fish
Hemoon Solangi Allah Wasayo Solangi Larkana 4320195611059 M.Phil Fresh Water Bi & Fish
Abdul Mueed Ghanghro Mumtaz Ali Ghanghro KhairpurMirs 4550503407027 M.Phil Fresh Water Bi & Fish
Ali Sher Rahujo Muhammad Hashim Rahujo Dadu 4120353975609 M.Phil Fresh Water Bi & Fish
Kamran Ali Bisharat Hussain Khoso Dadu 46377161279 M.Phil Fresh Water Bi & Fish
ShafiuRehman Shaikh Abdul Rehman Shaikh Sukkur 4130472993795 M.Phil Fresh Water Bi & Fish
Ubaidullah Khatti Ghulam Muhammad Khatti Thatta 4140514667703 M.Phil Fresh Water Bi & Fish
Abdul Qayoom Narejo Ghulam Rasool KhairpurMirs 4520206812829 M.Phil Development Studis
Abdul Waheed Panhwar Abdul Hakeem Panhwar Dadu 4250167631043 M.Phil Development Studis
Aftab Ahmed Hidayatullah Akhund Sukkur 4220156356611 M.Phil Development Studis
Alamgeer Khan Nisar Ahmed Solangi KhairpurMirs 4520341251155 M.Phil Development Studis
Asghar Ali Laghari Abdul Karim Tando Muhammad Khan 4130674440187 M.Phil Development Studis
Ghulam Ali Wako Roshan Ali Larkana 4320764003431 M.Phil Development Studis
Kashif Ali Qureshi Mumtaz Ali Qureshi Jamshoro 4120461271105 M.Phil Development Studis
Muhamad Arif Sarwar Ghulam Sarwar Shaikh Larkana 4320316435845 M.Phil Development Studis
Mushtaq Ahmed Muhammad Usman Vigio Dadu 4220195328941 M.Phil Development Studis
Rizwan Ahmed Muhammad Ismail Khatti Thatta 4140526940225 M.Phil Development Studis
Zulfiqar Ali Shah Syed Hazoor Shah Khairpur Mirs 4520308034523 M.Phil Development Studis
Shahmeem Akhtar Muhammad Muneer Mari Sanghar 4420279006412 M.Phil Development Studis
Haseeb Tufail Moriani Tufail Ahmed Moriani Shikarpur 4330458425277 M.Phil Petroleum Geosciences
Hosh Muhammad Bughio Muhammad Sallah Dadu 4120148075031 M.Phil Petroleum Geosciences
Irfan Ali Ghulam Rasool Arain Mirpurkhas 4410347847151 M.Phil Petroleum Geosciences
Manzoor Ahmed Mohammad Daud Shaheed Benazirabad 4540352982533 M.Phil Petroleum Geosciences
Mohammad Saleem Larik Gul Muhammad Larik Jamshoro 4120451988619 M.Phil Petroleum Geosciences
Mujeeb ur Rehman Dahri Sain Bux Dahri Jamshoro 4120453631283 M.Phil Petroleum Geosciences
Riaz Ahmed Abdul Baqi Brohi Jacobabad 4310219930875 M.Phil Petroleum Geosciences
Sanaullah Wassan Badar Hussain Khairpur Mirs 4520867336621 M.Phil Petroleum Geosciences
Manzoor Ali Bozdar Fazal Khan Khairpur Mirs 4520515889367 M.Phil Pharmaceutics
Muhammad Shakeel Abbasi M. Sharif Abbasi Shikarpur 4130442900279 M.Phil Pharmaceutics
Muhammad Rafique Pitafi Mataro Pitafi Ghotki 4510154897139 M.Phil Zoology
Altaf Hussain Khuhro Ali Nawaz Khuhro Khairpur Mirs 4520206798357 M.Phil Zoology
Asif Nazeer Memon Nazeer Ahmed Memon Dadu 4120102998413 M.Phil Zoology
Asif Raza Muhammad Salih Soomro Dadu 4120370670917 M.Phil Zoology
Shamshad Ali Lakho Bashir Ahmed Lakho Jamshoro 4120446894367 M.Phil Zoology
Ashok Jee Kareema Jee Ghotki 4510195487287 M.Phil Zoology
Imdad Ali Shah Ghulam Rasool Khairpur Mirs 4520139021043 M.Phil Zoology
Shafique Ahmed Allah Bakhsh Noonari Jacobabad 4310561965697 M.Phil Zoology
Wali Muhammad Surho Jakhro Sanghar 4420561927883 M.Phil Zoology
Najma Gul Shair Soomro Dadu 4120356528144 M.Phil Zoology
Sabeen Taj Nazir Ahmed Mastoi Kamber Shahdadkot 4320653780638 M.Phil Zoology
Sobia Soomro Nisar Ahmed Soomro Shikarpur 4330414432620 M.Phil Zoology
Firdous Mahar Ubedullah Mahar Ghotki 4310472576414 M.Phil Zoology
Syed Nasrullah Shah Syed Madad Ali Shah Dadu 4120366352427 M.Phil Analytical Chemistry
Pertab Lalchand Menghwar Umerkot 4410715086839 M.Phil Analytical Chemistry
Sanam / Iram Soomro Ghous Bux Soomro Shikarpur 4330306223290 M.Phil Analytical Chemistry
Nasarullah Mahar Abdul Wahid Mahar Sukkir 4330398167915 M.Phil Analytical Chemistry
Almas Fatima Memon Muhammad Memon Thatta 4230135368896 M.Phil Analytical Chemistry
Fahad Rind Ali Muhammad Rind Dadu 4120215402189 M.Phil Analytical Chemistry
Shahneela Qurban Ali Qurban Ali Almani Tando Allahyar 4130537261530 M.Phil Analytical Chemistry
Munir Ahmed Awaz Ali Mugheri Kamber Shahdadkot 4320210734047 M.Phil Analytical Chemistry
Marvi Kanwal Talpur Mir Mushtaque Ali Mirpurkhas 4410199339808 M.Phil Analytical Chemistry
Mariam Shahzadi Arain Muhammad Aslam Arain Mirpurkhas 4410341520312 M.Phil Analytical Chemistry
Muhammad Acher Arijo Wali Muhamamd Arijo Larkana 4320186985265 M.Phil Analytical Chemistry
Waseem Abbas Ghulam Rabani Kamber Shahdadkot 4340603453311 M.Phil Pharmacology
Abdul Sami Mohammad Suleman Khairpur Mirs 4520206756775 M.Phil Pharmacology
Muhammad Akram Fateh Muhammad Khatri Mirpurkhas 4410326857697 M.Phil Pharmacology
Gianchand Suther Bhamro Mal Tharparkar 4430296223687 M.Phil Pharmacology
Fauzia Talpur Ghulam Raza Talpur Matiari 4210169252484 M.Phil Information Tech
Mehjabeen Leghari Abdul Qayoom Sanghar 4130343090132 M.Phil Information Tech
Zahida Lashari Ali Nawaz Tando Allahyar 4130457149098 M.Phil Information Tech
Naseem Attar Ghulam Shabir N/Feroze 4130671212932 M.Phil Sindhi
Afzal Ali Muhammad Bachal Jamshoro 4120317282801 M.Phil Physiology
Khalil Ahmed Keerio Khair Muhammad Keerio Tando Muhammad Khan 4110345123847 M.Phil Physiology
Niaz Hussain Muhammad Khan Jamali Shaheed Benazirabad 4540323969399 M.Phil Physiology
Zulfiqar Ali Ali Asghar Babar Dadu 4120222723219 M.Phil Physiology
Benazir Babar Muhammad Idris Babar Dadu 4120331315830 M.Phil Physiology
Noor us Sabah Abbas Mohamamd Abbas Kaim Khani Tando Allahyar 4130782129594 M.Phil Physiology
Shabab Tariq Tariq Mehmood Arain Jamshoro 4150405715938 M.Phil Physiology
Sanober Gorar Madad Ali Jamshoro 4150406086174 M.Phil Physiology
QuratulAin Syed Syd Mushir Alam Mirpurkhas 4410314606726 M.Phil Physiology
Samar Zahra Langah Mushtaque Ahmed Jawed Jamshoro 4150405674184 M.Phil Education
Lata Kumari Murlidhar Modi Shikarpur 4130421955418 M.Phil Education
Qamaruddin Sahito Yar Muhammad Sahito N/Feroze 4530244709061 M.Phil Education
Samad Basheer Arain Basheer Ahmed Arain N/Feroze 4130476255157 M.Phil Education
Munawar Ali Brohi Ghulam Rasool  Larkana 4320338519953 M.Phil Education
Gulzar Ali Shah Haji Morial Shah N/Feroze 4530203758983 M.Phil Education
Zaheer Ahmed Ujjan Mohammad Ameen Ujan Khairpur Mirs 4520203787999 M.Phil Physics
Sajad Hussain Araz Muhammad Laghari Khairpur Mirs 4520630759499 M.Phil Physics
Ikhtar Hussain Hidayat Ali Khairpur Mirs 4520870181325 M.Phil Physics
Abdul Hafeez Khuhro Adam Ali Khairpur Mirs 4520274994973 M.Phil Physics
Abdul Wahid Dahri Juma Khan N/Feroze 4530215472667 M.Phil Physics
Ghulam Qadir Samtio Muhammad Bux N/Feroze 4530203581257 M.Phil Physics
Imran Mahmood Fazal Hussain Muzzafar Gerh 3230133644837 M.Phil Physics
Ghulam Fareed Rattar Sher Mohammad Rattar Khairpur Mirs 4520239564585 M.Phil Physics
Shusheel Kumar Mohan Parhyar Sanghar 4420362149727 M.Phil Physics
Muhammad Aslam Ghulam Nabi Khoso Dadu 4120139522595 M.Phil Physics
Niaz Muhammad Laghari Muhammad Uris Sanghar 4420522528493 M.Phil Physics
Adeel Liaquat Liaquat Ali Bhatti Khairpur Mirs 4520515978593 M.Phil Physics
GuleAmbreen Memon SartajulHaqu Memon Tando Allahyar 4130641286416 M.Phil Public Administration
Muhammad Nawaz Sohoo Ali Muhammad Sohoo Kamber Shahdadkot 4320745956733 M.Phil Public Administration
Ulfat Hussain Akhtar Hussain Shaikh N/Feroze 4530278832181 M.Phil Public Administration
Shujaat Mir Waggan Mir Muhammad Waggan Larkana M.Phil Public Administration
Shahid Hussain Laghari Safdar Hussain Kamber Shahdadkot 4320492039299 M.Phil Public Administration
Muhammad Awais Abdul Ghani Soomro Larkana 4320370989987 M.Phil Public Administration
Hidayatullah Narejo Abdul Aziz Mirpurkhas 4410331856331 M.Phil Public Administration
Awais Ali Shah Saleem Akhtar Shah Sukkur 4550132163469 M.Phil Public Administration
Asadullah Tunio Hamzo Khan Tunio N/Feroze 4530260075585 M.Phil Public Administration
Taila Siyal Taufique Ahmed Badin 4130683676420 M.Phil Botany
Muhammad Zaman Chandio   Naimatullah Jamshoro 4150403616087 M.Phil Botany
Ubedullah Odho Haji Dur Mohammad Shikarpur 4330149232879 M.Phil Botany
Khalil Ahmed Laghari Muhammad Hassan Ghotki 4510162250205 M.Phil Botany
Om Parkash Malhi Mohan Lal Umerkot 4410760073493 M.Phil Botany
Muhammad Ehsan Jut Muhammad Sarwar Mirpurkhas 4130498893641 M.Phil Botany
Naimat Hussain Ghulam Hassan Bhellar Khairpur Mirs 4520896803729 M.Phil Botany
Faima Huma M. Saleem Mughal N/Feroze 4130376200800 M.Phil Botany
Ali Murad Jakhar Ghulam Sarwar Shaikh Khairpur Mirs 4520303707015 M.Phil Botany
Parkash Chandar Devrajani Ram Chand Tharparkar 4430366514087 M.Phil Botany
Fouzia Arshad Channa Hujatullah Channa Jamshoro 4120465335234 M.Phil Botany
Jhaman Hira Rana Hirani Tharparkar 4430329014405 M.Phil Economics
Ayaz Hussain Soomro Ghulam Hussain Soomro Larkana 4550411050919 M.Phil Economics
Ihsan Al iMahar Hidayat Ali Ghotki 4510393779439 M.Phil Economics
Imran Ali Nangraj Muhammad Soomar N/Feroze 4530201386301 M.Phil Economics
Sher Muhammad Mangrio Faqeer Mohd Umerkot 4410701080725 M.Phil Economics
Vikram Kumar Madan Lal Umerkot 4130381197743 M.Phil Economics
Vijai Kumar Mah Dev Tharparkar 4430372155219 M.Phil Economics
Zaheer uddin Qurshi Amir Bux Khairpur Mirs 4520308129029 M.Phil Economics
Zakaullah Sahib Attequeullah Khairpur Mirs 4520550040391 M.Phil Economics
Madiha Khalil Khalil Ahmed Jacobabad 4130350797136 M.Phil Economics
Manisha Kella Dasret Kella Tharparkar 4130314046510 M.Phil Economics
Shehla Khaskheli Muhammad Ashraf Jamshoro 4150405670906 M.Phil Economics
 Abdul Jabbar Buxial Channa Dadu 4120350879199 M.Phil Geology
Fateh Ali Abdul Ghani Baloch Badin 4120423767275 M.Phil Geology
Ghulam Asghar Soomro Badaruddin Soomro Larkana 4320313969025 M.Phil Geology
Imran Hyder Imdad Ali Memon N/Feroze 4530183845153 M.Phil Geology
Muhammad Ali Muhammad Ramzan Dadu 4120317218213 M.Phil Geology
Muhammad Soomar Ameer Bux Samtio N/Feroze 4530282944341 M.Phil Geology
Shamroz Khan Abdul Salam Arif Mirpurkhas 4410199911949 M.Phil Geology
Asadullah Brohi Imdad Ali Brohi Larkana 4120473688999 M.Phil Geology
Sikandar Ali Khokhar Haji Mohammad Anwer Larkana 4320705683437 M.Phil Political Science
Ghazanfar Ali Solangi Nishan Ali Khairpur Mirs 4520844804473 M.Phil Political Science
Nooruddin Soomro Muhammad Soomar Shikarpur 4330474355979 M.Phil Political Science
Shamim Akhtar Lal Muhammad Qureshi Shaheed Benazirabad 4540298805796 M.Phil Political Science
Taair Hussain Radhan Muhammad Yousif Dadu 4120555122965 M.Phil Political Science
Imiaz Begum Banho Khan Tunio Kamber Shahdadkot 4320648194236 M.Phil sociology
Syed Fahad Ahmed Shah Syd Ali Ahmed Shah Shaheed Benazirabad 4540288151383 M.Phil Political Science
Sabeen Qureshi Muhammad Azam Jacobabad 4310223988188 M.Phil Political Science
Muhamamd Mudasir Nawaz Ali Nawaz N/Feroze 4530169247927 M.Phil Political Science
Munwar Ali Allah Bakhsh Kalhoro Larkana 4130633296553 M.Phil Biochemistry
Abid Ali Solangi Ghulam Rasool Solangi N/Feroze 4540261341179 M.Phil Biochemistry
Abdul Latif Soomro Muhammad Ibrahim Soomro Badin 4110186027237 M.Phil Sociology
Athar Ali shah Ali asghar Shah N/Feroze 4530244194067 M.Phil Sociology
Ghulam Farooque Dahri Moula Bux Dahri Matiari 4130352087633 M.Phil Sociology
Muhammad Hussain Imam Bux Mattee Shaheed Benazirabad 4540227296067 M.Phil Sociology
Mazhar Ali Sardar Ali Sheikh Larkana 4320664560407 M.Phil Sociology
Mazhar Ali Kapri Gul Muhammad Sanghar 4420467796623 M.Phil Sociology
Rahd Ahmed Soomro Anwar Ahmed Soomro N/Feroze 4530464152883 M.Phil Sociology
Roshan Ali Azeem Allah Bachayo Badin 4110120844335 M.Phil Sociology
Shahid Ahmed Qureshi Ali Murad Khairpur Mirs 4520308059467 M.Phil Sociology
Syed Javed Ali Shah Sued Turab Ali shah Shikarpur 4330395797499 M.Phil Sociology
Yar Mohammad Bashir Ahmed Matiari 4130533887609 M.Phil Sociology
Zohaib Ali Khokhar M. Bachal Larkana 4320361680805 M.Phil Sociology
Amarta Abro Ali Gohar Abro Larkana 4320190548776 M.Phil Sociology
Marvi Khan Khoso Muhammad Khan Badin 4130364232660 M.Phil Sociology
Sajida Siyal Manzoor Hussain Siyal N/Feroze 4530263011360 M.Phil Sociology
Hazoor Bux Lanjwani Haji Trooh Larkana 4320708568803 M.Phil Mathematics
Muhammad Waqas Majid Abdul Majid Arain Badin 4130419425183 M.Phil Mathematics
Jeetesh Kumar Ramesh Kumar Tharparkar 4430309399273 M.Phil Analytical Chemistry
Om Pirkash Madan Lal Tharparkar 4430315945033 M.Phil Analytical Chemistry
Prem Sagar Amolakh Das Guraro Tharparkar 4430446886023 M.Phil Analytical Chemistry
Ghulam Rasool Bhurgari Liaquat Ali Umerkot 4410682109871 M.Phil Analytical Chemistry
Waqas Ahmed Zulfiqar Ahmed Memon Shaheed Benazirabad 4540244083485 M.Phil Computer Sciences
Waseem Ahmed Memon Ghulam Yaseen Memon Kamber Shahdadkot 4320250578243 M.Phil Computer Sciences
Abdul Rehman Almadni Ansari Haji Mohammad Tahir Mirpurkhas 4410101557615 M.Phil Computer Sciences
Sikandar Ali Hingoro Muhamamd Bux Hingoro Khairpur Mirs 4130316917353 M.Phil Computer Sciences
Shafique Ahmed Qadir Bux Bhutto Shikarpur 4330123037137 M.Phil Computer Sciences
Ghullam Yaseen Ghoto Arbab Ali Ghoto Ghotki 4510227943117 MS / M.Phil Commerce
Ahmed Ali Siyal Nabi Bux Jamshoro 4150404051471 MS / M.Phil Commerce
Muhammad Jaffer Muhammad Siddique Korejo N/Feroze 4530399198293 MS / M.Phil Commerce
Urooj Khalid Khalid Mehmood Tando Allahyar 4130751944930 MS / M.Phil Commerce
Quratul Ain Bashir Ahmed Watni Khairpur Mirs 4520877465514 MS / M.Phil Commerce
Sidra Anwar Anwar ul Haq Arain Umerkot MS / M.Phil Commerce
Muhammad Khan Muhammad Azam Mirpurkhas 4410189760215 MS / M.Phil Commerce
Sehrish Arain Abdul Ghaffar Umerkot 4410456788702 MS / M.Phil Commerce
Junaid Ahmed Zaheer Ahmed Thatta 4140918302985 MS / M.Phil Commerce
Teekam Dass Ramoon Mal Sanghar 4420154852559 MS / M.Phil Commerce
Afroz Bhand Azizullah Bhand Dadu 4120144200760 MS / M.Phil Commerce
Noor un Nissa Baloch Ali Nawaz Umerkot 4410719362994 MS / M.Phil Commerce
Farman Ali Umed Ali Magsi Shaheed Benazirabad 4540365267031 MS / M.Phil Commerce
Adil Zafar Zafar Ullah Panhwar Dadu 4120126742293 MS / M.Phil Commerce
Muhammad Azam Abdullah Mahar Rahim Yar Khan 3130446322895 MS / M.Phil Commerce
Syed Ali Raza Shah Syed Noor Muhammad Larkana 4320189367629 MS / M.Phil Commerce
Shahzadi Aliya Khudabukhsh Jamshoro 4150405764542 MS / M.Phil Commerce
Bhart Rai Jugmal Menghwar Tharparkar 4430243793691 MS / M.Phil Commerce
Abid Hussain Piyaro Khan N/Feroze 4530362644231 MS / M.Phil Commerce
Ali Kamran Kareem Bux Jamshoro 4150404016477 MS / M.Phil Commerce
Aamir Ali Mohammad han Memon Dadu 4120106533931 MS / M.Phil Commerce
Faheem Akram Muhammad Akram Umerkot 4410469537719 MS / M.Phil Commerce
Anum Jabbar Abdul Jabbar Jamshoro 4540203733734 MS / M.Phil Commerce
Ameer Hyder Ghulam Hyder Shaheed Benazirabad 4540209788115 MS / M.Phil Commerce
Sanobia Saghir Saghir Ahmed Tando Allahyar 4130772919810 MS / M.Phil Commerce
Waseem Sajjad Umrani Khadim Hussain Sanghar 4420656190797 MS / M.Phil Commerce
Imtiaz Ali Qadir Bux Ghotki 4310484562579 MS / M.Phil Commerce
Muhammad Adil Umrani Lal Muhammad Umrani Jamshoro 4130692275261 MS / M.Phil Commerce
Toufique Ahmed Khair Muhammad Mangi Ghotki 4120434457769 MS / M.Phil Commerce
Mehtab Ismail Muhamamd Ismail Umerkot 4410446993506 MS / M.Phil Commerce
Sehar Abbas Muhammad Abbas Mirpurkhas 4410282918758 MS / M.Phil Commerce
Isra Keerio Muhammad Wazir KhairpurMirs 4520393465790 M.Phil Physical Education
Maryam Keerio Muhammad Wazir Khairpur Mirs 4520545243446 M.Phil Physical Education
Shahzaman Shakeel uz Zaman Khan Jamshoro 4130654338249 M.Phil Physical Education
Seema Sadaf Muhammad Ishaque Abro Larkana 4320339101072 M.Phil Physical Education
Hafeezullah Talpur Ghulam Hussain Talpur Mirpurkhas 4110301485825 M.Phil Islamic Culture
Khawar Anjum Bhatti M. Afzal Bhatti Mirpurkhas 4410165927525 M.Phil Islamic Culture
Abdul Latif Allah Dino Hubshi Mirpurkhas 4410110673785 M.Phil Islamic Culture
Abdul Haseeb Ansari Ghulam Abbas Ansari Sukkur 4550492426047 M.Phil Islamic Culture
Muhammad Ali Gur Dino Lal Larkana 4240190967173 M.Phil Islamic Culture
Mohammad Atif Talpur Allah Bux Talpur Mirpurkhas 4410355325791 M.Phil Islamic Culture
Muhammad Usman Faiz Muhammad Sanghar 4420355510053 M.Phil Islamic Culture
Najamuddin Bhutto Abdul Rehman Larkana 4320334049141 M.Phil Islamic Culture
Fatima Koondhar Abdul Rahim N/Feroze 4250151330084 M.Phil Islamic Culture
Tabassum Habibullah Saahar Dadu 4120569222990 M.Phil Islamic Culture
Muhammad Rashim Khan Muhammad Hayat Khan Mirpurkhas 4410303134417 M.Phil Islamic Culture
Manzoor Alam Bhutto Abdul Rehman Bhutto Shikarpur 4330161317865 M.Phil Islamic Culture
Musawar Sikandar Sikandar Ali Larkana 4320373839935 M.Phil Islamic Culture
Abdul Qayoom Abdul Razzak Shikarpur 4330405963499 M.Phil Islamic Culture
Nasree n Lakho Ghulam Muhammad Shaheed Benazirabad 4150405651132 M.Phil Islamic Culture
Samina Naz Muhammad Sharif Mirpurkhas 4410193274092 M.Phil Islamic Culture
Aqeel Ahmed Memon Nazeer Ahmed Memon Shikarpur 4330494730087 M.Phil Islamic Culture
Ali Muhammad Mugheri Guhram Kamber Shahdadkot 4320274241011 M.Phil Islamic Culture
Nosheen Bano Ghulam Nabi Birmani Dadu 4130648073166 M.Phil Islamic Culture
Sohaib Ahmed Indhar Dr. Sibghatullah Sukkur 4550118721075 M.Phil Islamic Culture
Saleem Ahmed Solangi Mushtaque Ahmed Jamshoro 4120456268795 M.Phil Islamic Culture
Javed Ahmed Suhag Ahmed Khan Suhag Dadu 4120168387201 M.Phil Chemical Science
Abdul Ghafar Solangi Muhammad Ismail Khatti Khairpur Mirs 4520884562549 M.Phil Chemical Science
Abdul Ghaffar Haji Abdul Sattar Laghari Badin 4110328033843 M.Phil Chemical Science
Abdul Jabbar Jokhio Ali Muhammad Dadu 4120270416231 M.Phil Chemical Science
Mohammad Juman Mohammad Dahri Dadu 4120284127585 M.Phil Chemical Science
Muhammad Riaz Randhawa Muhammad Akram Mirpurkhas 4410280919167 M.Phil Chemical Science
Pirkash Nawal Rai Tharparkar 4430138700555 M.Phil Chemical Science
Faryal Memon Azizullah Jamshoro 4150405861996 M.Phil Chemical Science
Fouzia Chang Ghulam Mustafa Chang Umerkot 4410721406342 M.Phil Chemical Science
Madeeha Arain Abdul Sattar Umerkot 4410768971960 M.Phil Chemical Science
Syed Zia-ur-Rehman Syed Nazar Ali Pishin 5430320391385 M.Phil Mathematics
S.No. Name Father Name Domicile CNIC No. Program


1 Akram Khan Shahani Muhammad Khan Shahani Dadu 4130672604479 Ph.D Business Administration
2 Afsheen Qazi Qazi Allah Bux Badin 4130474446426 Ph.D Microbiology
3 Abdul Wadood Khan Abdul Sattar Khan Quetta 5440004317713 Ph.D Microbiology
4 Sorath Mahar Faqeer Muhammad Mahar Jamshoro 4120426271618 Ph.D Information Technology
5 Muhammad Awais Abdul Ghafar Khairpur Mirs 4550414791951 Ph.D Business Administration
6 Yawar Saeed Wagan Muhammad Saeed Wagan Jamshoro 4120425028003 Ph.D Zoology
7 Jibran Khan Fasahat Ali Khan Ghotki 4510271981079 Ph.D Pharmaceutics
8 Zahoor Hussain Baqar Shah Gilgat 4120475123547 Ph.D Information Technology
9 Muhammad Ismail Khusmir Gilgat 7150157636729 Ph.D Information Technology
10 Mufti Muhammad Sahibdar Sikandari Mufti Abdul Khalique Pitafi Jamshoro 4130349918193 Ph.D Arabic
11 Muhammad Hammad u Salam Muhammad Nawaz Khan Kotli 8120299639689 Ph.D Information Technology
12 Abdul Rehman Noonari Inayatullah Noonari Rahim Yar Khan 3130324116097 Ph.D Botany
13 Ghulam Saqib Buriro Dater Dino Buriro N/Feroze 4120430154935 Ph.D English Linguistics
14 Mohammad Ejaz Sabir Allah Yar Khan Khanewal 5140167282381 Ph.D Urdu
15 Mumtaz Ali Sahito Sahib Dino Tando Allahyar 4130701331015 Ph.D Biochemistry
16 Sami U Ddin Shaikh Bashir Ahmed Jamshoro 4150403706057 Ph.D Business Administration
17 Salahuddin Shaikh Bashir Ahmed Jamshoro 4150488217671 Ph.D Business Administration
18 Muhammad Shareef Abdul Qadir Soomro Shikarpur 4330306116663 Ph.D Sindhi
19 Attaullah Ansari Abdul Rasheed Matiari 4130176347893 Ph.D Zoology
20 Muhammed Najeeb Haji Noor Muhammed Memon Jamshoro 4130670757313 Ph.D Nurition & Food Technology
21 Ali Mardan Khan Manzoor Ali Khan Jakhrani Kashmore 4310483207415 Ph.D Zoology
22 Abdul Hameed Abdul Rasheed Shahdadkot 4320796745595 Ph.D Biochemistry
23 Amir Hamzo Dahri Usman Manganhar Umerkot 4410446732701 Ph.D Biochemistry
24 Farzana Hashim Muhammad Hashim Punjgoor 5230199124164 Ph.D Freshwater Biology & Fisheries
25 Hafeez-ur-Rehman Nooruddin Narejo Jamshoro 4120488947315 Ph.D Freshwater Biology & Fisheries
26 Athar Mustafa Ghulam Mustafa Laghari Larkana 4320344689963 Ph.D Freshwater Biology & Fisheries
27 Shaista Jalbani Manzoor Hussain, Jalbani N/Feroze 4530190476708 Ph.D Freshwater Biology & Fisheries
28 Fahmida Aslam Memon Imamuddin Rajpar Naushero Feroze 4120471622350 Ph.D Political Science
29 Sohail Ahmed Soomro Rahmatullah Soomro Kambar/Shahdadkot 4310402908341 Ph.D Chemical Science
30 Jamshed Ali Yousuf Ali Gilgit/baltistan 4250136824225 Ph.D Analytical Chemistry

Newly appointed controller of SU Ghulam Murtaza Siyal resumes charge

IMG_5385JAMSHORO: Newly appointed controller of Sindh University (SU) Ghulam Murtaza Siyal has resumed his charge on Tuesday.

Mr. Siyal was brought to the controller office in form of procession by the officers where he took over the charge from Dr. Naeem Tariq Narejo.

The sectional heads, officers and employees congratulated Murtaza Siyal for resuming the charge of controller office.

Talking to different delegations who came to meet him, controller Murtaza Siyal expressed the hope that he would provide an ease to the visitors.IMG_5389

He said he will computerize entire system of all the branches of controller office and setup a monitoring cell in a bid to know the genuine problems of the visitors who come here frequently for their certificates, mark sheets, degrees etc.

First ever Sufi University students receive cheques under PM fee reimbursement scheme

02JAMSHORO: A total number of 11 students studying in first ever discipline M.A in Sufism and Peace at Sindh University’s campus ‘University of Sufism & Modern Science’ Bhitshah received the cheques of worth Rs. 3450/- each under Prime Minister’s fee reimbursement scheme.

They were given the cheques at a ceremony held at the campus on Tuesday which was chaired by Pro-Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Aslam Parvaiz Memon whereas Prof. Dr. Pervez Ahmed Pathan participated as the Chief Guest. On the occasion, PVC Dr. Aslam Pervez Memon gave detailed briefing regarding the master’s program in Sufism & peace.

Discussing the importance of masters in Sufis, Dr. Memon said the message of love and humanity the Sufis spread was not restricted to Muslims, and it was universal. “If one is to look at the shrines in Pakistan, 50 per cent of the visitors are non-Muslims,” he said.

He added that the Sufis spoke with their actions, and that’s what was needed in today’s chaotic world.05

“We are facing problems because we have forgotten the Sufis and their message,” he said. “They helped people not because they wanted to please them, but because they wanted to please God.” Even today their shrines are open to everyone, irrespective of faith, caste and the field they belonged to, he said, adding that the Sufis ruled over the hearts of the people.

Dr. Memon said by doing Masters’ in Sufism & Peace, the outgoing students will help build a society based on tolerance, love and harmony.

In the ceremony, Prof. Dr. Parvaiz Ahmed Pathan gave away the cheques of worth Rs. 3450/- each. In the last, Bisharat Ali Lanjhwani paid the vote of thanks.

IBA students asked to link their theoretical ideas with the practical world approach

1596220_1047387998622359_984396569_oJAMSHORO: A 2-day “Youth Entrepreneurs Festival 2015” concluded which was organized by the Institute of Business Administration (IBA), University of Sindh Jamshoro in order to create awareness among the newly admitted students of Business Administration. It stressed the students to link their theoretical ideas with the practical approach.

Dean Faculty of Commerce & Business Administration Prof. Dr. Noor Muhammad Jamali, Director of IBA Prof. Dr. Imamuddin Khoso participated in the concluding ceremony and appreciated the efforts made by students and faculty members on organizing such an enormous entrepreneur’s festival.

A large number of students from various departments of Sindh University, Mehran Engineering University, Liaquat Medical University Jamshoro, ISRA University Hyderabad, University of Karachi, Quaid-e-Awam Engineering Nawabshah, Iqra University Karachi and IBA Karachi participated in the festival during three days.11065221_1047388328622326_1284449858_o

A total number of 24 stalls were setup by the students of business administration to display their things and present them for sale while each stall earned Rs. 15 thousand to 28 thousand every day.

Addressing the concluding ceremony of the festival, Director IBA University of Sindh Prof. Dr. Imamuddin Khoso congratulated the organizer students & faculty members for their countless efforts in organizing the festival in befitting manner. He said: today, IBA has achieved another milestone by organizing the Entrepreneur Festival on the Campus adding that in 2014; IBA had organized an international conference on Business & Economic which was admired by the participants.

He said that it was necessary to pay heed towards practical work except studying theoretical subjects. He hoped that the festival will help students increase their professional skills.

11069224_1047387621955730_434177326_oDr. Khoso said that entrepreneur’s festival provided a platform to the students to link their theoretical ideas with the practical world approach adding that it also helped students to reveal their innovation and creativity.

“Through these sorts of festivals, the students develop their entrepreneur’s skills by expressing their new business ideas; I am sure this festival will also encourage the girls to involve themselves into the business activities by contributing their efforts and resources in different industries like textile, garments & other business etc” he maintained.

Dr. Khoso said such entrepreneur’s festivals will boost the Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) conceptualization of the students to be the owner of their own bread and butter.

On the occasion the organizer of the festival Sami Shaikh said that the festival also attracted the people11032077_1047388238622335_1470467720_o belonging to different walk of life specially females and children to visit the stalls of students and that how they sold out their products.

“I am very delighted that our students have set the various entrepreneur businesses stalls in the youth entrepreneur festival on the campus with its stellar line-up of innovative business”. Mr. Shaikh said.