Sindh varsity holds Sindhi mushaira

IMG_3388JAMSHORO: A Sindhi mushaira at the institute of Sindhology, University of Sindh provided an entertaining evening to teachers and students.

Organized by the Institute of Sindhology, on its lawn here on Friday, it attracted a large number of poetry lovers.

Incharge Director of Sindhology Prof. Saeed Mangi said on the occasion that he was trying to provide some sort of entertainment to the teachers and the students, who he said, remained busy in the study throughout the year.

He said that the mushaira was organized with a view to promoting cultural activities on the campus. It was attended by all noted poets of the province. The event was presided over by the noted poet Inayat Baloch, and compered by the famous poet Amar Iqbal.

Among those who recited their poems included Adal Soomro, Amar Iqbal, Ahmed Solangi, Ishaque Samejo, Gulbadan Javed, Samina Memon, Bedal Masroor, Izhar Soomro, Zaib Sindhi and many others.

Among many participants, the mushaira was attended by Dr. Ishaque Ansari, Zia Abro, Qurban Mangi, Dr. Mehmood Mughal, Dr. Aslam Parvaiz Memon, Dr. Naimat Shah, Amar Sindhu, Liaquat Rizvi, Ishtiaque Ansari, Syed Bisharat Shah and Imdad Ali Bughio. Later, Adal Soomro praised the Director of Sindhology to organize the event.


In mushaira, the silence of a minute was observed in the memory of martyrs of Shikarpur blast. The musical programme was postponed owing to the painful incident which took place in Shikarpur 3 days back.

Earlier, three corners of renowned personalities including Sindhi Poet Ustad Bukhari, Sufi Singer Suhrab Faqir and novelist Tariq Alam Abro were inaugurated in the museum of sindhology. Adal Soomro and the short story writer Shaukat Hussain Shoro inaugurated the corners. On the occasion the family members of late poet Ustad Bukhari, Suhrab Faqir and Tariq Alam Abro were also present.

Promoting research: Sindh varsity, IIU sign MoU in education, law, science and technology

JAMSHORO: Sindh University (SU) has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with International Islamic University (IIU) Islamabad, for the promotion of research and higher education, particularly in the field of education, law, science and technology.

IMG_3473The document was signed by Pro Vice-Chancellor (PVC) of SU Laar campus Badin Prof. Dr Muhammad Siddique on behalf of Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Abida Taherani and IIU President Dr. Ahmed Yousif, said a press release.

The cooperation between the two-sides will cover joint research activities, joint teaching, the development of new degrees and training programmes, delivery of programmes for professional and exploration of possibility of video conferencing for the delivery of courses and development of academic programmes in areas of common interest.

The document will also pave the way for the exchange of staff and graduate students for research teaching and discussions and development of student and learning management systems.

Under the pact, the two sides will also explore research opportunities and industry-focused training for their students.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Prof Dr Muhammad Siddique Kalhoro hoped that the document signed between the two universities will go a long way in fostering cooperation in the field of higher education and research.

He said the two sides will exchange their academic contents to each other and also offer scholarships as well as other facilities for academic purposes.

“Sindh University will provide its learning management system, examination system and academic contents to the IIU,” the statement said.

According to the SU, the MoU offered collaboration in joint course development, teachers training programmes and a faculty exchange programme.

He said that Sindh University had always provided a platform to enable efficient use of resources through innovative use of technology. “The agreement will help promote quality higher education in the country,” he said.

IIU President Professor Dr Ahmed Yousif said that the MoU would be mutually beneficial and promote higher quality education in the country. “The SU will benefit from the IIU’s education technology through the joint programmes offered by both the universities,” he said.

SU awards 11 PhD, 17 MPhil degrees

JAMSHORO: The Advanced Studies and Research Board (ASRB) of the University of Sindh has approved to award degrees of PhD & MPhil to 28 scholars of different 4 faculties who have successfully completed their research.

IMG_3340The approval was given at the 120th meeting headed by Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr Abida Taherani and attended by board members, including Registrar Ghulam Muhammad Bhutto, controller Dr. Naeem Tariq Narejo, Dr Parveen Munshi, Dr Noor Muhammad Jamali, Dr Anwar Ali Shah G. Syed, Dr Parvaiz Ahmed Pathan, Dr Faryal Almani, Dr Mohammad Siddique Kalhoro, Dr Imdad Ali Ismaili, Dr Abdullah Dayo, Dr Javed Iqbal, Dr Akhtar Mughal, Dr Sarfraz Hussain Solangi, Dr Aslam Parvaiz Memon, Dr Munir Soomro, Muhammad Nawaz Narejo and Dr Hakim Ali Kanasero.

The meeting approved PhD degrees to 11 research scholars, including Huma Ishaque Shaikh, Saba Naz Shaikh in analytical chemistry, Ahmed Ali Hulio in chemistry, Riaz Ali Buriro in statistics, Tariq Bhatti in education, Ahsan ul Haq Pathan, Bashir Ahmed Chandio in Sindhi, Fahmida Memon in physiology, Shaista Pathan, Ibtessam tahir Ansari in Biochemistry and Abdul Razzaq Khan Qureshi in development studies.

The 17 MPhil degrees were awarded to Nisar Ahmed Memon, Waseem Javed Soomro in information technology, Sumera Dero in mathematics, Sumera Sarwar Arain in physical chemistry, Anjum Shaheen in education, Abdul Malik Ahmed Abdul Hamid Al-Deen in pharmaceutics, Muhammad Imran Shaikh in pharmacology, Rafi O Zaman Brohi in chemical sciences, Muhammad Yahya Gilal in chemistry, Faheem Saddar, Muhammad Hanif Lund, Parvaiz Khan, Munawar Lal Menghwar in fresh water biology & fisheries, Kashif Ali Jandan in microbiology, Azhar Ali Marri, Aftab Ali Siddiqui in statistics and Nosheen Jehajo in zoology.

Speaking on the occasion the Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Abida Taherani said that the University had succeeded to build the trust of the youths in this era of competition by imparting cutting-edge of knowledge, promoting research and wisdom which resulted a ample rise in enrolment of MPhil & PhD programs.

She urged teachers to compel students for getting higher education to meet the country’s growing demands.

The VC said she was satisfied with the fact that efforts were being made at the university to develop research culture and some of its departments were carrying out research of international standard.

She said that maximum academic linkages will be developed with the international universities in the world in a bid to provide the scholars of SU with the opportunities to interact with the scientists as well as academicians in abroad easily.

Dr. Taherani expressed the hope that Sindh Varsity will soon be on top in HEC ranking of the universities in the country as the research is given top priority on the campus.

Pointing out that difference between developed and under-developed nations lied in the quality of education, she said: “As a nation, we have failed in realising the importance of education because we don’t believe in its miracles. If we have to make progress we will have to give education a chance by all means.”

Sindh Varsity to remain open today as usual, point buses will also ply: Spokesperson

Sindh University’s spokesperson Nadir Ali Mugheri has clarified that Sindh University will remain open today as usual and the point buses will also be plied on some routes.

In a statement issued here from Public Relations Section, the spokesperson said that the university will not remain closed owing to strike announced by a political party while the point buses will ply from Qasimabad, Shahbaz Building, Market and other adjacent areas.

Special chairs prepared for two special students at SU

JAMSHORO: On the directives of Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Abida Taherani, the Director Maintenance Prof. Hafeez Abro got two special chairs prepared and handed over the same to the chairpersons of concerned departments in order to facilitate both the special students who are studying in BS (Commerce) & BS (IT) on the campus.

Abdul Salam and Sahil are the students of Sindh University and they recently sought admissions to BS (IT) and BS (Commerce) respectively by appearing in the pre entrance test of the university held in November 2014.

Both the special students are sans arms but they are symbol of inspiration, stimulus and determination on the campus.

Abdul Salam and Sahil can write with their right legs promptly. They have full command over inscription and good writing skills.

On Vice-Chancellor’s step to facilitate them by providing them with specially designated & prepared chairs, they expressed gratitude and thanked her for solving their major problem.

Director maintenance got the special chairs prepared which were handed over to the chairpersons of concerned departments who managed to keep the same in the class rooms whereupon both the students sit and attend their classes easily.

New students welcomed at Orientation Day

JAMSHORO: The lawn of arts faculty building was full when the new students were welcomed during Sindh University’s (SU) Orientation Day here on Wednesday.

IMG_3302The new academic year 2015 was symbolically inaugurated by holding the orientation day.  Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Abida Taherani presided over the function.

Organized by the Bureau of STAGS, the Day gave information about SU, environment of the campus, various departments and study life at the University.

“We are delighted to welcome all the new students to Sindh University”, said the Vice-Chancellor of the varsity Prof. Dr. Abida Taherani in her inauguration speech to almost 3,000 students attending the Orientation Day.IMG_3307

She spoke of the alma mater which wants students not only to be informed of the subject knowledge, but formed and ultimately transformed into “men and women for others”.
Welcoming and motivating the students, Dr. Abida Taherani gave some important guidelines to the students about taking active part in extracurricular activities also instead of that of mere study.
She told the students gathered that they should have a goal in life and then automatically they would work towards achieving that goal. Quoting the tens of thousands alumni of the varsity, she said “your attitude is your altitude” and inspired the students to have right attitude towards themselves, others and have faith in God.

Dr. Taherani said that “our education should be man making, character building and assimilation of ideas and not just filling the mind with knowledge which could run riot”.
Vice-Chancellor highlighted the importance of the role of education in the socio-economic development of societies.

She said she will make the institution financially sound and self-sustainable. “We are proud that this university has graduated five hundred thousand students since its establishment in 1947; I deem it a big achievement of our alma mater”, she said.IMG_3311

“We all are encouraged to learn about the initiatives taken by the University’s administration; the goals achieved and the spirit with which the University team is serving this alma mater. I wish this institution should always be a real launching pad for learning, research initiatives and development,” Dr. Taherani said.

Pointing towards new students, she said it was the beginning of a new phase in their lives, which indeed would be highly thrilling but rewarding too.

“Always try to be honest to your profession; loyal to your institution and ready to confront any challenge which you come across”, the vice-chancellor advised the students.

She said Sindh province especially and the country in general could not get benefit from its geographical location unless youths were skilled and highly qualified to explore and make use of the potential of the region.

IMG_3312The vice chancellor said the region had enormous potential, which needed to be tapped.

Dr. Taherani on the occasion directed the deans of various faculties to ensure the regularization of classes in their respective faculties.

Earlier the Deans of faculties Prof. Dr. Noor Muhammad Jamali, Dr. Abdul Rasool Abbasi, Dr. Abdullah Dayo, Dr. Anwar Ali Khan, Dr. Javed Iqbal, Dr. Parvaiz Ahmed Pathan and Dr. Parveen Munshi also spoke on the occasion and greeted the students.

UntitledThey said the university with 58 departments & institutes had moved from intense research studies to imparting knowledge in true sense.

They advised the students to focus on their studies during the four years they would have to stay on the campus.

IMG_3284On the occasion, the Advisor Bureau of STAGS Prof. Muhammad Yousif Pardesi spoke about the performance of his Bureau and advised the students to participate in different competitions being held by becoming member of it.

He also put light on the hard work of brilliant students of SU who won Quaid-e-Azam trophy and many other trophies by taking part in national quiz competitions.

SU to establish Liberal Art Dept. to diminish increasing trend of extremism and promote harmony in the society

IMG_3195JAMSHORO: Sindh University’s Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Abida Taherani announced to establish a new department at the varsity which will be named as the ‘Department of Liberal Art & Science’ in a bid to promote peace and human behaviors about valuing personal independence of people in Sindhi society and pledged to increase funding for research excellence during her tenure, supporting those who discover, develop, and deploy knowledge on the campus.

She said the pledge to boost research excellence is fundamental to improving teaching and learning, building engagement throughout Sindh Varsity and the constituent campuses, fostering a vibrant national learning community, and promoting innovation.

This she said while speaking on the eve of her meeting with her counterpart of Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur Prof. Dr. Parveen Shah and the former Vice-Chancellor of SU Prof. Dr. Nazir A. Mughal, who hailed all the way from Khairpur and Karachi respectively to felicitate the newly appointed Vice-Chancellor of Sindh University Prof. Dr. Abida Taherani.

“Excellence in research is what distinguishes great institutions from the rest,” said Dr. Abida Taherani. “It’s what puts our students at the cutting edge of knowledge, so they have access to the latest discoveries and revelations.” She said.

She said: the faculty members are efficient and their track record in research, development, and innovation will further cement SU’s position as a Pakistan-leading research and teaching university that strengthens our whole province especially and the country in general.

Vice-Chancellor committed to work for enhanced resources for students including more financial assistance, more campus housing, improved physical and mental health facilities, venues for sports, and outlets for culture.

IMG_3224She announced to build a new department named the department of liberal art & science which according to her will pave way to harmony, peace, equality, and promote faith amongst the masses to respect others personal independence and social norms in the society.

“This department will soon be opened and every students from the next academic session 2016 will be bound to take one course of one credit hour at his own behest whether he is student of natural sciences, art, law, education, pharmacy or social sciences”, she said adding that there will be various courses in the department of art & science including Sindh, Urdu, English literatures, fine art, performing arts, music, photo journalism, video editing, computer learning and much more.

Dr. Taherani further said that the initiative was being taken in order to steer the brains of new blood (newly entered students for pursuing their higher education) to right direction and safeguard them from being extremist in their outlooks and intolerant so that the unbearable behaviors of the people in the society ought to be brought to an end.

Dr. Taherani said she would make efforts to forge new research and learning alliances with the universities in the country and those around the world.

Vowing to double SU’s extracurricular student experiences through internship and co-op programs, she said she would achieve her goals through entrepreneurship, consultation and a clear focus on success for students.

Dr. Taherani urged the university community to build on the efforts of past leaders that helped make SU one of the top public universities in the country.

“It is our challenge to build on their contributions – endeavoring to lift SU from the top 8 to the top 1 in general varsities category. That is, I would argue, our responsibility: to take SU as we find it – and make it better.” She added.

Vice Chancellor said that the colossal development of the biological information science & technology was an outcome of vast advances in the field of natural sciences and information technology in recent past. “These discoveries have resulted in transformation of new products or processes which have flooded world markets, therefore showering vast economic rewards on those nations which have had the courage and the vision to make Science & Technology the corner stone of their development programs”. She said.
Dr. Taherani said that latest techniques and state-of-the-art methods in various faculties provided researchers with a phenomenal opportunity for scientific research with new horizons.

She urged the faculty members to deliberate all new discoveries in the field of social as well as natural sciences, science & technology and should find ways to translate academic research into the socio-economic uplift of the country.IMG_3222

Afterwards, Pro-Vice Chancellors of SU campuses Prof. Dr. Anwar Ali Shah G. Syed, Prof. Dr. Imdad Ali Ismaili, Muhammad Nawaz Narejo, Prof. Dr. Aslam Parvaiz Memon, Prof. Dr. Hakim Ali Kanasero and Deans of various faculties Prof. Dr. Parvaiz Ahmed Pathan, Prof. Dr. Javed Iqbal, Prof. Dr. Anwar Khan Pathan, Prof. Dr. Parveen Munshi, Prof. Dr. Abdullah Dayo and Registrar of the varsity Ghulam Muhammad Bhutto also called on Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr Abida Taherani and discussed with her the academic matters of their campuses and faculties.